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Are you one of those guys or gals that enjoy night fishing? Quite times on the water with a few rods out? Star's shinning no jet skies or crazy people out tearing up the water, just you and a buddy the calm water's and the back of the boat lined up with rods watching those glow sticks for the time it slaps the water from a big fish hitting that bait.
Then you need a pair of our glow in the dark fish grips. That way you can see them in the boat not having to wonder where they are! Just look and there glowing bright and waiting to lip that big Blue or Flat Head you have hooked up...
Check out our Glow in the Dark Fish grip's Easy to see in the dark but also we had them made with an orange piece that also make them easy seen in the the sun also. We have taken care of both issue with these.

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