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Glenn Shoals

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Hey fellas,
I mainly just wanted to start a thread about my home lake. I'm looking for those elusive flatheads and I might need to talk about it, so here's the thread. I was out there this morning with my dad, bass fishing :eek: , and we didn't catch crap. I did see a Bald Eagle though, the first one I've ever seen there and that's about 20 years or so. Anyway, its here if you want to talk Glenn Shoals.

Donnie Cassidy
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Hey Just wanted to post and see if my profile pic is working.

My cousin was fishing the north end of the lake with tomato worms and said they were biting good.
Hey Bearcat,
I've been back to the spot where I caught that big one a couple times now. I've been using bluegill only, and I haven't caught many fish. What I have caught are a couple 5lbers, I've had some real good runs, and I got broke off in the rocks once. The one that broke my line felt big, as in big like the 30lber. I had it on my big hvy action rod with the 209 and 30lb big game. It just shredded my line and had the big pole bent more than I've ever seen it bend. I'm starting to feel like I'm on to something.
butchy, I might make it over that way this weekend, I might see ya out there. when did you catch the big one, is that it in your pic?
Hey Buzz,
I might see you out there, let me know when you are going and I'll see whats going on.
If you go over to the General Catfishing section and scroll down to "my biggest fish ever" there are some pictures of it. I caught it Sunday the 22nd right where you and I set up after Bearcat left. There is a drop off out about 35' or 40' that goes from 7' or 8' to about 20' pretty quick. Then you've got the marina close by for cover, all those carp that people feed and the bluegill that congrigate around there for food, plus its one of the deepest spots in the lake and the old creek channel goes right over to it. I think its the perfect spot for the biggest fish to live. They could even winter there and in the spring go over to the damn to spawn. Maybe wishfull thinking but I'm going to keep fishing there and prove my theory right or wrong.
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Hey Donnie I am sure you found a honey hole. Good luck. The way I figure the fishing will stay good there for a couple of more months. Them big ole cats will be feeding up for wionter. I need to get out there myself. Talk to you guys later.
Hey Butchy and Buzz. Either one or both of you up to fishing saturday nite at glenn shoals. Maybe we could wrestle a hog in . The full moon is sunday nite. Supposed to be the best fishing around the full moon.
not sure if I can make it but will definitely run it past the ole lady. what time were you thinking. at nite right.
Hey Bearcat,
I'd really like to, but I'll have to wait untill the end of the week to be sure. I've been wating on a phone call about a job all week. I was suppose to hear from them on Monday and I'm still waiting. They are suppose to let me know whether I get it or not. So if Friday evening comes and I haven't heard anything or if I didn't get the job then I'll be able to go.

I've been back to the spot where I caught the big channel several times and I haven't caught anything over 5lbs. I've caught lots of eaters though and all on bluegills. However, the moon will be just about the way it was when I caught the big one, hmm.
Hey Buzz I was planning on going in the evening. Get there around 830 or 9. I was hoping to get some gills for bait friday or saturday afternoon.
hey bearcat, I've only got two gills in the tank and may not be able to get any bfore friday nite! I may have to relie on you for bait if you have enough. I will bring my throw net if I can make it but will not know until tommorrow morning if I can go. If I do not post here by 10 am friday morning don't count on me being there. But if for some reason I can make it I will be somewhere near butchy's hot spot! lol Hope to see you there had a great time last trip.
Hey Bearcat,
Looks like I'll be there. Let me know if you are still going.
Hey Guys sorry but the weather has caused me some prblems. With the rain the last two days I havent beenable to harvest. It is supposed to clear tomorrow. Will be back at it saturday. So my job will get in the way. See you next time, catch a biggun.
hey butchy, got an interview at GP tommorrow at 9 am. Saturday??? never had an interview on saturday. did you ever hear back from them? I might be able to make it sat nite, wont know for sure though.
Yeah, I had an interview on a Saturday too. I never did here from them.

What do you think the chances of you showing up are? If you're not going to be there I might go somewhere else. Let me know if you get a chance.
well, it's 9:39 pm sat nite so I am probly not gonna make it LOL. The interview went well and the gal said that she would call monday and if not, che gave me a card and said to call her tuesday morning. She said they only had two spots to fill and there were six of us there. Hope it's me and you butchy!
I didin't go to Glen Shoals anyway. My dad and I went to Coffeen and stayed till midnight and got skunked. I did hear at the boat ramp that a guy caught a 32lb flathead on a jug. The guy that told me that had 60 jugs out and only caught 8 channel cats, so it was slow for everyone.
Hey GP would be great, but I'm starting to think they just don't want me. It's been a while since I interviewed and its supposed to be a two interview process and I've only had one. I'm waiting on a call from the city of Rantoul for an apprentice lineman position. I should know something Monday or Tuesday :cross: . Good luck with GP.
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