giving up my DM bait spots

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    sigourney ,iowa
    just dont clean them out

    easterlake spillway for shad and b-gills, shelter over the water for bullheads , other side near the three"fingers" in the rocks for small yellow bellied rock bass(sunnies)and the boatramp for smaller gills...

    4 mile creek near the rec center for minnows and chubbs, fall you can net small shad as well, high water is a good time for suckers and carp..

    any dam for shad and minnows..

    river view "ponds" ..small gills in the small pond at bike trail entrance, baby carp when the grasses flood(umbrella net)...sunnies under the new bridge in the rocks...

    waterworks for small bullheads...

    and any boat ramp for minnows along the river

    im sure most of you know them but for the newbies , theses were my spots ..use the force