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I have a passion for waterfowl hunting. This year I thought I would do something a little different with my money. Normally I make a gift to delta waterfowl, my way of giving back to the sport. Well this year, I thought rather than giving money to them to build and put up nesting structures for ducks, I would just do it my self. I opted to build woodduck boxes for they are easy to make, and proven to work. I started out looking for deals on wood, and materials. Then spent a day making the boxes. That turned about to be a fun project. Pic 1 is of the 7 boxes I made. Then the real work, putting the boxes out in the marshes for the birds. I got a little luck, in that we got several days of rain, and I was able to use my boat to get the boxes to where I wanted them, and didnt have to carry them. Well, the boxes are now up, ready to weather a little and should be ready to use next spring. Pics 2 and 3

I hope everyone remembers to give back to whatever cause is most important to them.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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