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    I'm trying to get my wife interested in fishing, but she says its boring. Any place I can take her were shes almost guaranteed to catch something? I know once she catches something she'll be hooked.
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    I FINALLY got my wife to come out and fish with me last weekend while we were at the river. She won't go out looking for fish, but we were fishing off of the back of our boat moored right out in our front yard, so she finally gave in because she didn't want to sit there alone all night.

    I tried to keep her interested through other things going on. I put on the Angels game because she's a baseball fan. I made sure she had Diet Coke in the ice chest, and some snacks for both of us to keep her occupied. As the night wore on, and there was stuff that had to be done, she would slowly ask more questions, and you could tell she was getting more and more interested. To be honest, I think she was more interested in learning about knots, sinkers, hooks, and leader line than she actually was about catching the fish!

    She caught herself two nice channels, both about 8 lbs., and she guaranteed that she'd be fishing with me next time too. She wants to break into the 10 lb. catfish club now.

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    the best way i found to get someone hooked on fishing is go to your nearest pond and catch some bluegills they alwaysseem to bite on worms then move up to the big lakes and rivers
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    well i really like Ted's idea to get a woman out there fishing, catching bluegills is always fun, they just keep on coming if you got the bait....

    besides the bluegills, pick a nice small pay lake, nice warm day, maybe during the week so you have your choice of spot, if there are people there ask them if they have any reccomendations on choosing a spot, they are usually nice if they are regulars. i like to hit overhanging trees with shadows overhanging the water, under bridges and submerged brush, worms, chicken livers and anchovies

    i think the only real problem you will have is getting the wife to bait her own hook but if you dont mind doing it for her fishing career then you got it made man