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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by south_va_fisherman, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. south_va_fisherman

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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    Kind of a odd question, but here it goes. This girl and i have been dating for 6 months now and out of the blue she wanted to break up, so today we did. you would never catch me cryin, but today i unloaded. This girl, tori, meant the world to me. and i would do anything to have her back. I tried to talk to a few of buddies about it, and all i got from them was "lets go find you another one, lets party tonight" type responses. I dont want another one, i want her, I could say i love you and mean it with her. any words of advice from some of you guys who have been there done that? I dont even feel like going fishing now. and thats saying something.
  2. 223reload

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    Go shoppin, Your young and theres a hell o' a lot of time before you need to be tyed down . and if you love her then set her free if it is ment to be she WILL be back...... with bells on.

  3. bilyjojimbob

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    Yea what reload said. I know from experience and now were married.
  4. pk_powell

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    But I totally agree with 223reload! Give her her space if she loves you any at all she will be back. If she doesn't ya didn't need her anyway!! Yes it hurts your heart right now,but just think how lucky you are that you wasn't married to her and had kids with her and then she up and did this. Hold your chin up young man,you will find that special lady someday when God is ready for you to do so!JMHO:big_smile:
  5. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    What they said your young bro, when you find your soul mate youll know and so will she. Free your mind go fishing even tho it might be hard to do but you can think of a lot of things while doing so. What made her want to leave and all that junk :tounge_out:. Youll survive and we are here for you.
  6. south_va_fisherman

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    Muddy Cross, Virginia
    we promised to stay friends, so at least i got that :roll_eyes:
  7. countrygirl0569

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    if she really cares about you, loves you even, then things WILL work out... I've been with my boyfriend, Nathan for over 2 years now, and we've been through more than our share of rough times.. if she won't tell you why she's leaving, then give her her space, but try to keep an eye from a distance, and let her know that you'll be there for her. on the other hand, if she doesn't care, don't let yourself become a door mat and don't let her play around and keep you on a string while she tries to "figure things out". it can get complicated, and i know how intense feelings can get, since i'm only 17 myself, so just play it by ear for now.
  8. ggoytia

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    With out trying to be rude or mean, you are honestly way to young to have a girlfriend your best best is to play the field and experience life as much as possible before you make the decision to marry. There is alot more things in life once you finish highschool travel around, go to college and see the world if you get the opportunity. Best of luck! Once the bus leaves there will be another one in about 15min just dont bore the new one with info on the old on.
  9. bootshowl

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    I'm 55 years old & still do not understand the use of the term "break up". If you're still friends; Then nothing is broken. Wrap yer mind around the new definition of your friendship and enjoy all your friends. Gentlemen never say how good a friend a lady has been.
  10. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Trust me. You dont want to go to college dragging an anchor.:wink:
  11. Dreadnaught

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    My daddy always told me this: He said, "Son, You ain't a man till you get your heart broke!" Of course he did forget to mention how many times it had to happen before I would become a man, LOL!!! You will never forget her, Trust me... I have never forgotten my first love and I am 49 now.
    Heck, You never know with women folk, She might just change her mind and be back tommorow, they are a strange bunch anyway, LOL!!!
  12. Love Them Cats

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    Vinita, Oklahoma

    I met a girl when I was 21 and she was only 14 at the time?

    We were never what you called boyfriend/girlfriend, but I liked this girl a lot.
    I never asked her to be my girlfriend because I didn't want it to ruin our friendship?

    Now, 20 some years later, I look back and wished I had asked her to be my girlfriend back then?
    Now before some of you start talking about how old I was and how young she was at the time, it wasn't like that?
    I respected this girl, and wouldn't do anything to ruin our friendship?

    My cousin and I were going fishing and he was the one that introduced us, and I fell in love with her the moment I met her, but I couldn't tell her that, or her mother (she was there and let her go fishing with me)?

    We had seen each other as friends for a couple years, then I met the girl I married, and she met a guy about the same time and planned on marring?

    When I decided to get married, my soon to be wife and I went to her house and we talked for three hours about things?

    I never could tell her how I felt about her, but now when I look back, I wish I had told her?
    We both enjoyed the same things, and we could set and talk for hours?

    If you really care for this girl, don't give up!
    Listen to what your heart is telling you, I wish I had 20 some years ago?

  13. duxsrus

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    SW Ohio
    :smile2::smile2::smile2: That's a positive way to look at it.
  14. big-muddy

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    norfolk, va
    i have a lot of things to say to this, but you have to learn those little lessons for yourself, bud. nobody can give you any advice that can fix it. there is only one cure---> time.
  15. buddah

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    Pennsylvania Wi
    Man, Just don't be buggin/calling/writing all the time...If you act like "its all cool and we can still be fiends" (even if you are biting your tounge in half) it'll show her that your not such a bad guy and she'll want ya back...hopefully.
    Worked for me several times...Hope this helped some.
  16. zappaf19

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    Hang in there! This is one of those things life throws at you.
  17. jim

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    Jacksonville NC
    Young man I'll tell you the hardest falls are when you are young.After a while you kind of build up an immune system:smile2::wink:The first real girlfriend I had was in high school and for my 16th birthday she gave me an ID bracelet which said on the back;" I love you".And indeed I loved her or as much as you can when you are 16.I never forgot her and over the years often wondered where she had gotton to.We were split up by the Army as my Dad got transfered from the base were were at so we didnt "break up" just were forced to split up.I tried to find her many times over the years with no success until 2 years ago by just the luckiest coincidence I happened to get a break from a person that I met out of the blue.That person knew where she was and what her married name was so finding her was easy.I called her on the phone and she was amazed that I still had the bracelet and had gone through the effort of finding her.We had both married ,had children,grandchildren but still there was that feeling between us.We both know we can never be together and our time has passed but that good feeling is still there and somehow I have felt much better for finding her.It has been 47 year between dates so to speak.So what you are feeling is perfectly normal and contrary to what you might think ,you WILL get over it.Now if you are smart like me you will go fishing because that is what I do to dis connect from the trials and tribulations of the world.Staring at a bobber or a rod waiting for that big bite seems to put everything in perfect perspective.Trust me.:smile2::wink::roll_eyes:
  18. trippyclwn

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    Chattanooga, Tn
    sorry to hear about your woman troubles man truth be known we all have em from time to time, my wife is wonderful and i love her more than life itself but she has a tendency to hit a nerve at the worst times lol for all our faults and imperfections they love us for who we are, but there are some women out there who like to change men like their shoes,all the time lol
    and im not incinuating that she is like that, she is young and when they are young(and older too) they have a tendency to try to do things they think will better themselves, and usually it doesnt pan out so they come running back with a sob story about she wasnt in her right mind and she thought of you the whole time lol :big_smile: and no im not being sexist cause guys can change their soulmates in training at the drop of their underwear lol
    she is going through a phase where the grass might be slightly greener on the other side but she doesnt realize thats usually the most crapped on spots! lol :crazy:
    i know it is impossible to imagine life without her but trust me we all need some time to put our thoughts back in the right places and re-evaluate where we are going in life,college isnt the place to be growing up at an accellerated pace or to keep your mind on home life with really superhard classes you might need in life, this could just be a second wind in the relationship you never know until she lets you know, right guys? lol :cool2:
  19. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Was talking to my neighbors daughter yesterday and she says she can't find a boyfriend to go fishin with her. Told her she was lookin in the wrong places. Enjoy life and keep on lookin. Have to agree with all the others on their comments.
  20. Dave L

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    Oh to be young and in love. Reading this sure brings back some memories.