Gillispie Lake

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  1. alton

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    I will be fishing Gillispie Lake the end of the this month with a couple of guys who will be fishing for bass and crappie. I plan to take a couple 12' rods and fish from the bank for catfish. I would appreciate any info in regard to a good spot and bait to use. I assume this lake does not have blues. I would also like to know what size catfish to expect. Thanks
  2. Skunk Master

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    Colinsville, Il
    I've never fished the new lake.. The old lake has some nice size channels in it.. I was catching 10 to 12 lbers there 15 yrs ago.. Old lake has a 10 hp limit.. Also the old lake is kinda limited on shore fishing, you really need a boat to get to the other side and to the lilypads..

  3. Ryan 57

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    Bank fishing is kind of limited on the new lake but your best bet would prolly be to go down around the dam/spillway area. If you can find a boat you should fish the point that the pumphouse sits on. I have caught some nice channels out of there. Best baits would prolly be sonny's or fresh cut shad. You can catch shad around the spillway. let me know how you do!!
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    I went to the old lake about a year ago and saw about a very large shadow in the water chasing the gills around the shore line, I would assume it was a big flathead.