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    I live close to the Neuse River and it's about time for the nets to get back in the water.The problme with nets is they don't care what they catch the kill all fish fish that are to small fish that are to big to sell.One point is the brumevery year the catch tons that they cant keep so the have to go back in the water that would be fine but ther dead.I have seen troulers come in the river looking for shrimp pull the nets up and bump all the small spots dlues trout back in .The fish will float to the top of the water and cover what look like ackers.How long can this go on.
  2. Bryan8552

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    Bowfin, I understand what you're saying. The fishing just seems to be getting poorer and poorer in NC. In large part prolly due to the netters. It will never change until there's legislation put in place to stop it. Look at how good the fishing is in Virginia, it puts NC to shame!

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    I normally get bashed for stating my opinion on stuff like this. But I really feel the commercial fisherman should be regulated a lot better. Look what happened here, we used to have a huge Herring run every year, and now it's gotten so bad they have banned catching them. Was this because of people like you and me catching some for our own use, or from commercial fishing netting thousands at a time? Hmmm.....something certainly needs to be done. Commercial nets should be banned for good, and any type of commercial fishing should have more limits and regulations.
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    I dont know what everyone else thinks but this year has also been a bad year around spring garden for shad.Im not sure if it has anything to do with the netters or not, but if so there wont be many left in a few years.What does everyone else think of the shad run this year? Just curious