Gill nets

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  1. RiverKatt

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    Hey guys,
    Just wondering if anybody has had any experience with the ones that have a floating line at the top. I'm planning a trip in a couple weeks and i've never used a gill net before. They sound easier to use (ie.tangles and such). Just wanted to know the pros and cons if you guys would. Thanks alot.

  2. Bomberman

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    Spring Run, PA
    Mine has a floating top line and a weighted bottom line. It does not tangle at all in the water. The only trouble I had with mine was it getting tangled on every little thing in the boat. Once in the water, it works great! I also added 2.5 lb weights to the end of my weighted bottom line so it stays close to the bottom even in deeper water. Good luck with yours.

    BTW...welcome to the BOC!

  3. JPritch

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    The only ones I've ever come across or known anyone to use have float lines on the top.

    I would still recommend floats at each end of the line for added protection, and the law actually states you must mark your gill net with orange markers with R and the last 4 of your SSN on each marker. Those orange crab pot buoys at Boater's World fit the bill perfectly.