Gift to myself,,,,,,,Part 2

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    Last week I posted that I was giving myself a kind of spur of the moment trip to Biloxi Mississippi for a gulf charter fishing trip.I got back home today about noon. Well we got down there Wednsday afternoon and fished the piers Thursday and Friday.(only a few have been rebuilt since the hurricane). Neither of us caught anything big enough to write home about. Lots and lots of small cats about 4-6 inches long, some Crokers (?) about 8-10 inches long and several Speckeled Trout(a beautiful fish with a set of teeth that would scare out a Musky). Friday the wind started howing plus the Charter was delayed until Saturday. We were to leave the dock at 4:30 AM Saturday and go out 50-60 miles on the boat. We got to the dock and rain was coming down in buckets and the skipper told us he couldn't go for small craft warnings or some crap like that. The trip was part of the Air Force Recreation Service and 8 of us were leaving from Kesseler AFB boat ramp. My buddys sister who is Air Force had arranged the trip. I had fun but am still hoping someday to get to take a gulf charter trip. :angry:

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