Gift from the Wichita River

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    A few years ago my wife and I lived in Byers TX. a little town not far from Wichita Falls--while there a friend of mine who used to put out throw lines in the Wichita River got a great gift from the River one day. While he was coming in from checking his throw lines one day he noticed alot of fish floating on top of the water as if they had died do to some chemical in the water, as he was getting his boat out of the water he noticed a 67 lb. blue catfish floating on the water still flopping around. He told me he waded out into the water and hauled the fish into his pickup. I asked him later what he did with the fish and he said he decided to fillet the fish and see what had caused the fish in the river to all of a sudden die. He later found out that all that was causing it was that somehow a bunch of chlorine got into the water---enough to pollute the water enough to cause it to kill alot of fish. Saw him at Church the Sunday after this all happened and he said it was as if God decided to give him a big blessing for all his hard work. I've never came close to such a find as this but I think I'd be excited to know end. A few months later we all had the opportunity to enjoy the fish at a Church fish fry---it tasted real good especially coming from such a large fish.