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    I haven't been to Lake Monticello much sense 2001, when they stopped people from going over to the Dam. I haven't been at all for a yr. now so thought i would go over there and check things out. Got there around 9:30 and fished to about 3:30, caught plenty of fish up to about 1:00 or maybe a little later when they dropped the water. Seems when they drop the water the fish just about quits. Just wondering if you guys have that problem?
    We caught plenty of eating size fish with a 25lb'er to boot. Wife and i went back the next day and caught a bunch of the eating size, now she wants to move down there. :smile2:
    Couldn't seem to find the giants that i know are in there, maybe i was using the wrong bait. looking forward to the tourney.
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    Thanks for the report Dean,those Big Boys are still there,sometimes they are hard to get on though as you know,I am looking foward to getting back down there myself,we havent been since last fall.It surely ought to be an interesting tourney,will be very interesting to see who locates the big bite and pulls out the win.