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    heres a link to a Giant Tuna that broke the bank in japan. Im not making this thread about the money i am making it because of the rapid decrease in Tuna populations. I heard that they are planning on meeting in Copenhagan to discuss ideas on how to save the tuna populations. They have come into such high demand things need to be done to stop over fishing. I was just wondering how everyone else felt about the subject.
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    If they'd have just stuck to hook and line tactics for catching the blue fin , Iit would be more plentiful than ever.

    When you've got airplanes spotting the schools and a multiboat operation to deploy a net to corral the whole school and drag it off to be fattened up. it was only a matter of time before this was going to happen.

    Again the recreational fisherman will be punished for commercial operations, and it doesn't help the situation when people like a state representative with no blue fin permit, catches one and transfers it to a commercial fisherman with a liscence to sell it, as happened here in NC last year. It cost him his cushy political job.

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    i don't know how closely you guys have followed this but years ago ocean city maryland and lots of other resort areas became hotbeds for japanese tourists. what they would do is hang around the docks until the charter boats came in and then offer to buy bluefin tuna. they way it worked best would be say me and five guys go out on a "6pack" charter land a few dolphin(maui maui) and then go find a tuna or 2 and come back in on the way in the boats fly flags of what they caught and here come the tourists. a guys offers to buy my tuna(its illegal for the charter capt to sell them) say he offers me 3000 dollars for 2 100lb tuna and we sell them right there well the charter is 1500 and i just made 1500 and i have the dolphin to eat. now the a smart charter capt will get in on this action by offering to process and ship the tuna for the tourist for roughly 10% the tourist walks off happy, the capt is happy and me and my group are happy especially me since i caught and sold them. then a few years ago the federal government cracked down on this practice or should i say they wanted their share so capts had to obtain a tuna license which was expensive and that all but put an end to this. it still left yellowfin tuna but they don't command as much money as bluefin. every now and then a bluefin gets landed in the surf and then there are a lot of debates on whether its a legally caught fish or not since the fisherman didn't have a tuna license. depending on the state(NJ) they don't care because 1 its a rare catch, 2 noboby is targeting them in the surf , and 3 the license is manditory if you are fishing more than 3 miles offshore. other states have swooped in and taken the fish if its reported and this is in an effort to keep those fishermen from selling them too. either way they need to do something but from a saltwater point of view the tuna are atthe top of the overfished list with no less than 8-10 other fish right behind it. Florida got it right 20 something years ago ban net fishing within 3miles of shore and issue hook and line commercial licenses and just look at how good all the fishing is there.

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    ive got BLUE FIN on VHS///they slay em on XXXXXXXH cane poles