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Giant Squid picture

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Found an article from our local daily rag about Giant Squid. It has a picture and explanation of how/where it was caught. Figured it'd be appropriate here, even though it's not a fish. I thought it was very interesting, here is a link to an article about it
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Neat article. By chance, I saw a special on Discovery Channel the other night where a guy was diving in the Bay of Biscay I think with Big (but nowhere near Giant) Squid. These had bodies that were about 4-6 ft long, plus the tentacles. The guy had to have a special home-made suit of diving armour, as the squid had some sharp "horns" they were hitting him with, and they were VERY aggressive. I'd love to have a catfish, or any fish, hit my bait the way they were hitting him. The program also said that these dudes started out at less than an inch long, and grew to this size in a year, which was they're approximate life span. They estimated that this would be equivalent to a human going from baby sized to the size of a blue whale (about 100 ft) in a year.
And I thought I had an eating problem! ;)
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