Ghosts ?

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    North Carolina
    I have lived by far most of my life right here in the foothills of North Carolina. Though I have lived a good number of other places I always find my way back. Its part of me and I sure that a good many of you feel that way about your home.

    My family has long been tied up in one way or another in music and if the talent missed me, the love for music did not. And so it was as a child, Not even in school that I heard the following song and became aware of a local legend. And for years it scared the heck outta me ! LOL

    You can drive to this area and you can still see the "Ghost" Lights if you wish to. THis is not one of those things that only "Some" people see. It may take you a few nights but if you want to see them and if you do wait, you likely will.

    So listen to the words that scared a 5 year old..LOL

    How would you like to live with that in your back yard ?