Getting yourself ready for adverse conditions.

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    Nothing can ruin a good hunting trip or fishing trip like a cold body, whether it be your hands, feet, face or your whole body. Thru trial and error I have found some things that work for me in adverse weather conditions and they might work for you.

    Great strides have been made in undergarments, such as a two piece suit made by Under Armour and marketed as Cold Gear. This is a tight fitting suit that breaths and wicks out the mositure from your body. Also available are the insulated underwear that most of us have used for years, but they fall short in keeping you warm in comparison to new undergarments available today.

    Cold feet can make you miserable in the tree stand or on your boat. I found some socks that are marketed as Fleece (brand name) socks and they get the job done. There are wool socks, socks similar to cold gear, etc. that are available that can keep your feet warm. Plus there are the foot/feet warmers that you can buy at your local sporting goods store. Picking the right foot wear for the type of sport that you are particapating in is very important. A heavy inuslated boot for hunting might be okay, but in a boat it might create problems as it relates to movement within the boat.

    Hunters have an advantage over fishermen when it comes to their hands and keeping them warm. The fisherman is handling live baits and this puts moisture on their hands and thus the wind and moisture does a number on the hands. Try to dry your hands as soon as possible after handling baits and get them into your pockets or gloves and soon as possible. There are some good gloves available for hunting and fishing, most of which have Thinsulate. I use the Thinsulate gloves that can expose the fingers when they need to be exposed and them I can fold the glove back over and protect my fingers from exposure. Also available are hand warmer that you can put in your gloves or pockets to keep your hands warm. Try not to get any moisture on these hand warmers. Another type of hand protection is the Neoprene gloves and they are designed to keep your hands warm under wet conditions.

    Face hoods or ski mask are a necessity when hunting or fishing in adverse weather conditions. The best place to buy this item is at a ski shop at your local mall or order them on-line. I use the thin ski mask and it keeps my face warm and protected from wind burns.

    There are plenty of outer wear suits and you will have to just shop around and find one that you like and one that fits your budget. I have a Walls suit and have used it for twenty plus years, a couple times a year I wash it to get the slim off, throw in the dryer for forty minutes and I'm ready for my next outing. Overlooked by hunters and fishermen are ski suits which can be used for hunting, fishing and motorcycle riding.

    A lot of fishermen are using portable propane heaters and they will warm your hands and not much else. If you go with the propane heaters, be sure to secure it in the boat and keep it a safe distance from your fuel supply.

    If you have the jack ($), you can enclosed a part of your boat to keep you out of the wind, rain or snow. If you have this type setup, then the portable heater will offer you some warmth.

    Don't forget to keep yourself hydrated during the winter outings, same as you did during the summer. Life jackets might be more important in the winter than in the summer, due to a lot of reasons. Check the floor/deck of your boat for ice/frost and correct this condition, if possible, before going out to fish.