Getting skunked?

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by Shortarms, May 26, 2006.

  1. Shortarms

    Shortarms New Member

    I fish a medium size lake from the bank at night for channels and have been skunked the last two outings. Anyone else fish a similar scenario with any luck? We fish cut bait or smaller whole fish live or dead. Tight lined with a slip sinker. It's been slow all year. I did catch a 10 lber and my brother caught a 14 but it's been slow going. I live in central Illinois. You think it's too early yet? We get more bites on chicken liver but it's mostly bullheads and they swallow it to their bunghole.
  2. teaysvalleyguy

    teaysvalleyguy New Member

    GC, OHIO
    Curtis I have had almost no luck this year. Got to turn around sometime. Keep throwing the bait at em and eventually they will get hungry. Good luck on the water.

  3. dbowers

    dbowers New Member

    Mantua, NJ
    Last couple days have been slow for me too. Yesterday had nothing goin on; wound up leaving after 2 hours.
  4. SilencedMajority

    SilencedMajority New Member

    White Mtns, AZ
    I'm there with you guys, I've been on four flathead trips to 3 lakes and a river and never even had a run! Since then, I went over everything and found out I was doing things the wrong way, so I'm alot more hopeful about this weekend!
  5. rebcatman

    rebcatman New Member

    Manassas, Virginia

    I hear ya. I have been out about a half dozen times so far, and have only had one trip that I would consider to be successful. Sure, I have tried different lakes, but still thought I should have caught more fish. Keep plugging away.
  6. Gringoloco

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    Ft. Belvoir, VA
    I have tried my best fishing holes the last two weekends and havent had really good luck. I have caught some cats but nothing like last year around this time. I dont know what is going on. Thats why I fish with two poles from the bank (1 for nightcrawlers/shad, and 1 for liver/stinkbait).
  7. AllenM

    AllenM Guest

    I've been out a couple times for cats here in N. California and had no luck either. It's got me fishing for bass and panfish just to feed the addiction to fishing in general. Headed out to the lake this evening to do some fishing and ain't sure if I'll stick around to do any catfishing after the sun starts to go down or not. Actually, I need to find a fishing buddy since mine have conflicting schedules for night trips cause of their jobs. Anyone around Orland up here wanna go fishing? Send me a PM.
  8. IL Hunter

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    Normal, IL
    I've just started to catch a lot of fish in west central Illinois. The lakes have been horrible. The river has been ok, but now the action is getting better. The illionis river is way way down where I fish so I'm not very excited about that.
  9. jerellman

    jerellman New Member

    im fishing the EXACT same scenario as you. Medium size lake, slip egg sinker with cut sardines or whole shad and havent caught any for a whole week!
  10. RAM360

    RAM360 New Member

    Maple hts, Ohio
    I havent had much luck so far either.
  11. catfishingRon

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    Earlville, IL
    Ok guys, I do have to say that this year has been great for me! I usually dont catch any fish this early it the year. I did fish my honey holes the other day with no luck.
    But, I have started to fish what would be upriver for me in and area that has a strong current, rocky bottom, and a fast 10' drop off. What I have been doing is casting to where the drop begins and it doesnt take long for the cats to start bitting.

    Now if the fish take to long to hit on the cut bait I will cut the guts out of a large shad and just use it. It seems to get the fish in faster, then I change back over to cut bait.

    One thing I have noticed is that I am catching alot of cats with eggs in them. I dont know if the males dont bite when the females are full of eggs, but all I am really catching is females.

    Hope this helps some and good luck.
  12. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    Well, I have not been skunked this year so far, but when we have a big May fly hatch you have to switch to a TOTALLY different way of catching catfish.

    It has been a good year so far with close to 400 channels and blues and 2-3 flatheads. April and May have averaged around 11 cats a day, but a couple of 20+ days kinda skewed the numbers a little high. My goal was to reach the 1,000 fish mark, so I have a long way to go!

    The lake I fish has a tremendous catfish population. The hot water flowing into one of the river arms from a steam plant makes that section fish totally different in the spring than other parts of the lake. This also means that you have two months of spawning to play with, so that is kinda cool.

    I fish from a boat, so I do have the opportunity to cover water and change locations a lot easier than a bank fisherman. I am also lucky that I live near the lake I fish, so this means I am on the water every chance I get and this helps in keeping up with where the fish are.