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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by catfishingRon, Aug 24, 2006.

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    Earlville, IL
    Well , my boys and I went out today and got a few stands ready for bow hunting:big_smile: . I have a nice little piece of land a friend of mine lets me hunt on. This year I will be using a ground blind and a fixed tree stand. Both of these stands work really well for me. I also have two other climber stands that I use when I go to state parks to hunt. One is an Ol'man stand and I have a Tree Lounge. The Tree Lounge is by far the most comfortable stand one can use. The only problem for me is that it is a little heavy for me sense I hurt my back last year. Back starts to hurt after carring it into the woods a few hundred yards into the woods:crazy: . I am planning on selling it on Ebay soon in hopes to get some money to buy another stand that is lighter. I will be getting something for my wife so she may hunt this year:0a5: . Does anyone have any advice as to which stand would be a good climber for a first year lady bowhunter. Im shooting for another Ol'man but she isnt so sure.
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    i bought my wife the original olman she loves it i think the bar being all around her makes her feel safe the vision has the foot rest_gun rest the original doesnt

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    i have an olman and i just bought my wife an equalizer tree stand. she like the bar around her and she like to be able to adjust it when it leans a littlie bit plus whe you lock it down it will not move.