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    Yesterday after my 7 yr. old girl got home I took her and her 4 yr. old sister outside to play, while outside I took my MH Tiger Ugly Stick and my Penn 320 GT2 setup and casted for roughly an hour and half while keeping an eye on the girls. I have 30 lb. mono big game on it at the moment and was casting with a 3 oz. weight, the longest I was able to go was aprox. 70 yds. Question for you all---what is the average distance for casting a PENN 320 GT2, I have only used it once last year while fishing and have spent probably 4 days between last year and this year practicing with it. I can get around 70 yds. on my 7000c3 almost anytime without backlashing at all (knock on wood), so I don't practice with it at the moment. The 320 is a little more difficult for me cause I have to remember to move the lever to release the line and to move it back after each cast. I am able to cast the 320 at aprox. 55 yds. on the average, and figure that if I'm not able to cast it as far as the 7000c3 for awhile then I'll use the Penn for shallow water caasting and the ambassadeur for longer distance casting. I'll be practicing I'm sure for many more times before I'm able to get out and fish, so hopefully I'll be able to get a little more distance with it.