Getting Out of Catfishing[ALL SOLD]

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  1. PaJay-p

    PaJay-p Guest

    I'm getting out of Catfishing. Got some quality stuff some new some used.Must sell all together. Will deliver Locally if you want it shipped you cover that. asking 700.00.PM or email me.
    2 – 8ft.Creekside Catfish Series Spinning Rods M/H With 2 Cabela’s Salt Strikers Baitrunner spinning reels


    2 – Team Catfish ¾ Ton M/H 7ft 6 in Casting Rods new

    With 1 – Abu Ambassador 6000TC W/ Power Handle – New w/ 65lb Power Pro

    With 1 – Quantum Big Iron 320 used with 65lb Power Pro. I have 1 Quantum 320 for parts

    2 – Team Catfish ¾ Ton M/H 7ft 6 in Casting Rods used twice.

    With 2 – Abu Ambassador 6500 TC W/ Power Handles

    W/ 65lb Power Pro used twice

    2 – Quantum Big Cat 7ft 10in Casting Rods Heavy Action. Used in great shape

    With 2 – Quantum Big Iron IR420 Reels 50lb Salt Striker Line.

    2 – Quantum Big Cat Spinning Rods M/H 7ft 6in.

    Used in great shape

    With 2 – Okuma Avenger Bait Runner Spinning Reels With extra spools w 50 lb Salt Striker Line & 65 lb Power Pro

    4 Big Kat Bobbers – New

    Berkley Big Game Hi-Test Electric Green

    1- 40 lb spool of 1475 yds

    1 -30 lb spool of 1750 yds

    Both brand new

    1- 80lb spool of 600 yds

    Brand new

    Do-it Sinker Molds used

    1 – 1, 11/2, 2 and 3 oz. No Roll sinker

    1 – 3,4 and 5 oz. No Roll Sinker

    1 – ½, ¾, 1, 11/2 and 2 oz. Flat Bank sinker mold

    1- 3, 4 and 5 oz. Flat Bank sinker mold

    All Used

    Boxes of 50 Circle Hooks Gamma’s and Eagle Claw

    1 -7/0

    1 – 8/0

    1- 10/0

    Boxes of King Kahles

    1- 7/0

    1 – 10/0

    5 pack of Gamma Big River 10/0 Hooks

    Lots of assorted circle and kahle hooks all Eagle Claw or Gamma’s probably around 100
  2. fishdealer04

    fishdealer04 Member

    Some nice stuff you have there. IF you decide to sell stuff seperatley I would be interested in some stuff, but I dont need all of that. Good luck selling though.

  3. PaJay-p

    PaJay-p Guest

    All Equipment Sold.
    Thanks Everyone!
  4. bedbug jr

    bedbug jr New Member

    Sorry to hear you're getting out, but a man has to do what he must. Hope you're not leaving the BOC because you'd be sorely missed. Stay safe and best of luck to you!!!:wink:
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