Getting into the "busy season"

Discussion in 'Trapping & Fur Taking' started by 223Smitty, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. 223Smitty

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    With just moving, getting set back-up, preparing for the ISTA Convention, as well as working on traps and getting ready to prep my own time here will be more "limited" than it has been, and will probably be more focused strictly on the trapping forum (since that's my #1 sport).

    Just wanted any one who cared :tounge_out: to know why I won't be on quite as much, but should still make it in atleast once every couple days.

    Hope everyone has a great upcoming season, and hope there's enough trap talk to get alittle action goin' on in this forum.....who knows.....we may convince Eric (DH) to give it a go :wink:

  2. fishhook

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    Willow Woo
    We'll miss you on here Smitty, I enjoy your posts but you have a good season and may all you trap chains be tight.