Getting discouraged...what's wrong?

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by justbfishin, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. justbfishin

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    Hope Mills
    I just wanted to share how I've been fishing and see if it sounds like I'm on the right track or if I'm still missing something.

    I'm new to catfishing. Me and my buddy have gone out on the cape fear river 4 times in the last month without catching one fish bigger than a baitfish.

    Here is a summary of what our trips have looked like.
    1. Fished from about 6pm to 10pm. Used some stink bait and some night crawlers on carolina rigs. Tried fishing around some bridge pilings and a couple of log jams. Stayed at each spot about an hour. No fish.

    2.Fished from 6pm to 10pm. Motor wasn't running right so only moved around very little. Fished around a couple of log jams. Used cut eel on carolina rigs and night crawlers on corks. No fish.

    3.Fished 7pm to 11pm. Tried a big log jam that is under a bridge (got hung up a lot), fished in front of this sewer plant, a couple other log jams. Used frozen bream as cut bait (heads and strips of the body). No bites.

    4. Went to a different spot on the river, a locke and dam, from 7am to noon. Used the frozen bream again on carolina rigs. Fished mostly in front of and right around the dam but also the outside of a bend in the river and some log jams. No fish.

    Are we not being patient enough? Should we sit in one spot all night even if we've never had a bite, nor caught anything at that spot before? Should we be using carolina rigs if the bait is not live?

    I used frozen bream b/c I had caught some earlier in the week and frozed them, but when I went to the pond before we went fishing I didn't get any bites, but I would like to catch some live bream to take fishing.

    Any advise as to what we should try next would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Swampfox.

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    welcome to the boc brother. look, seems to me your doing just fine. dont be discouraged, things will turn around. some of the best can go weeks with nothing but skunks. you gotta just stick with it, and when it happens it will be worth the frustrations. keep doin what you explianed in your post, absorb what you can from here on the boc, the fish will come soon enuff.

  3. flatheadslayer

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    Thomaston, Geor
    just keep at it everyone go's thru that if they say they dont then their (to be nice) less than honest.
  4. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    Man I thought I was the only one!!LMHO...naw Man :wink: them fish just aint doing much anywhere bro.:sad2: Its all these weather changes I think.

    What I do is. FISH HARDer!, and then that don't help LMHO...

    Just keep at it ,and sooner or later you'll hit the mother load.:cool2:

    PS, Welcome to the BOC Brandon..
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  5. boombalaty

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    Yup its been a slow year this way too. Just hang in there and keep trying, your luck will break.:wink:
  6. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Welcome to the BOC, we all get discouraged when we dont catch fish, I would suggest you keep trying!
  7. trnsmsn

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    Missouri Originally Now I
    Try chumming a little, on some of the slowest days I've been able to spark up a few bites by doing so.:wink: Good luck & hang in there !!!!!!!!!

    HTH, Elliot
  8. JimmyJonny

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    I would keep trying the bream but I would also try BlueBack herring, gizzard shad, and or threadfin shad if possible.

    Carolina rig is fine just try the baits but different amazes me how sometimes they will only take to a small cut bait.

    I don't know the water you fish in but we drift fish looking for humps, holes, points, flats, and ledges. We look at both sides of the channels and in the middle. Anchoring in these areas do good too.

    Lots of places are having a hard time sill because the fish are still scattered and moving around...thats why drifting is pretty productive.

    Keep at it, we all go through it but you will find them : )
  9. Mr. Foster

    Mr. Foster New Member

    Sometimes its just like that. I tore em up in the summer and late summer, now im jus looking at alot of scenery. Nothing wrong with that. Jus keep on trying, your day or night will come.
  10. BenNewt

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    The worm will turn my friend. This season I went after flatheads after taking several years off of trying to catch them. I went over a dozen trips in a row (a few of them being all nighters) without catching a single fish--many of those trips I didn't get a single nibble. I was demoralized and discouraged--so discouraged that I started to think my fishing trips were a waste of time. But I finally caught one fish and that gave me the motivation to go out again. Then I had the best week of fishing of my life. Caught several big catfish, including the one in my avatar. What a rush! Stick it out, keep it at, and try to learn a little something each time you go, even if you don't catch anything. You'll get into them and it will all be worth it :wink:

    Keep reading this forum--you will find all sorts of tips that will greatly increase your odds of getting your bait in front of a big hungry catfish!
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  11. justbfishin

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    Hope Mills
    Thanks for the advise guys. It's good to know it's not just me and I just need to keep doing what I'm doing and the fish should come sooner or later. I do have a lot of fun just getting out on my boat (I've put a lot of work into getting my boat up and running). I just start feeling stupid when my wife or friends at work ask me how I did everytime I go out and I never have any good news.

    I have read up a lot on this site and feel like I know where the fish should be and what they should like to eat, I just need to be in the right place at the right time.

    Thanks again and I can't wait to post about my first catfish when it does come.
  12. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Can't add any more Brandon. Same problem here. Seems the only place they are hot here is at Truman Lake. Up N where I am at it is very slow also. Guess I need to make a trip S. Welcome to the BOC.
  13. playin4funami

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    Saronville Ne.
    durn fish havn't been cooperating here either! I've been skunked on my last 3 trips,and so has my fishing partner,lots of fishing experience between us and still no fish. Don't feel alone,thats just fishing,when you hit that hot day and catch a big one or a bunch it'll all seem worth it! Keep at it,it wouldn't be any challenge if it were easy all the time.
  14. PaCatfishHunter

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    Greensburg, PA
    I was doing pretty good and then about a month and a half ago it just stop. I'm getting nothing. You seem to be doing fine. Just keep at it and things will turn around. Some people have given you some good tips on this thread.
  15. kitsinni

    kitsinni New Member

    Seems like your on the right track. The only thing I can think of to improve would be to net some fresh shad or get some skipjacks each trip.
  16. ammo warrior

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    Columbia, MO
    Welcome to catfishin...LOL. You are doin just fine, just time and consistancy, you'll start knockn them dead. Most are in a lul right now with a few exceptions. Keep on it bro... Welcome to the BOC. You will find a lot of good information here and some down to earth brothers...tight lines :cool2:
  17. mactheaxe

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    cartersville, georgia
    sounds like you got it. and it aint just cats either, i bee crappie fishin and last week, hittin all over, this week, nothin. you should try some livers soaked with garlic salt. get a thing of livers, put a tbspn of garlic salt in it, shake it up, and try it. it works for me.
  18. carolinakid76

    carolinakid76 New Member

    i feel your pain bro:embarassed:
  19. Iowa_Josh

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    Central Iowa
    Find a mean, rocky spot maybe with a drop off or deep spot nearby. Get some fresh bait and bust out a sleeping bag.

    Or really find the bait. Castnet=fish finder.
  20. lazer20

    lazer20 New Member

    Everyone has days like that, one tip if your just beginning buy a throw net and learn how to use it. I fish the CapeFear year round and have always had the best luck with shad. Alot of lakes around your area are full of shad if you know how to catch them. This is the most informative website for catfishing ive ever seen. The more fishing you do the better you'll get.