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    I don't know how many of you use you boat all year long. I use my boat almost every weekend and during the week. If not fishing I'm duck hunting and then back to fishing again. taking my boat into the marina for check ups and general up keep is almost out of the questions, I do take it for a yearly warrenty check while on vacation most of the time. I have a four stroke outboard, which means oil changes, taking it to the marina will cost me $125 for each oil change, I can get the materials and do it my self for around $45, twice i give my outboard its oil change, oil filter, fule filter, also change the lower unit oil, change the plugs once a year. and seafoam the tank in the winter, check the belts, grease all the zerks, Doing monthly check ups will pay off in the long run, keeping the motor clean form grease and grime build up. Making sure all the terminals on the battries are clean, and keeping the builge free of dirt and sluge. If there is anything i can say in having a boat is keeping your gear maintain and doing pm's will keep you on the water longer and cheaper. changing lower unit oil is easy to do and yet I will almost bet that is the most neglected part of your motor. a simple 5min job all it takes. when you take out the boat after a long season take the time to give a good once over. when you put the boat up for long term stay (being a month or longer) stabilize you fule, remove any trash that may have collected, run your motor dry. and store your boat so any moisture will drain out. Have a good summer.