Getting a New Castnet Ready for Use

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    Original post made by Terry Dunlap(Arkie55) on June 9, 2005

    I have picked up some very good tips on getting a new cast net ready to use and I thought I would post them here so everyone could apply the information if they wanted to. When one buys a new cast net most of us just take it out of the package and start casting for bait. You can reall improve the castability of a new net by doing a few things before using it. Here is how to prepare a new net for getting the most out of each cast:

    1. Open the container and remove the new net.

    2. Open the net to it full radis (either spread it on the ground or on the floor)

    3. Turn the net upside down where the brail lines are up on top of the net.

    4. Pick a brail line and follow it to where it attaches to the lead line and mark that with a marker. (I use a sharpie)

    5. Take a tube of super glue and place a drop of glue on each knot where the brail line ties to the lead line. (You will notice that each knot has a tag end that extens from a 1/2 to 1 inch)

    6. Now take clippers or sissors and cut each tag end as close to the glued knot as possible.

    7. Once the above is complete, the next thing to do is relax the mono net.

    8. Just before bed time, fill the washing machine with hot water and add a cup to two cups of fabric softner.

    9. Place you net or nets in the hot water/fabric softner solution and go to bed.

    10. Next morning remove your nets for the washing machine and take them out to the yard.

    11. Take the net and spread it to it's full radius on the ground pegging it in place with large nails. Make sure you get your net completely flat and fully open.

    12. Let the net lay in the sun pegged to the ground all day.

    13. After sun set, remove the pegs, pick up the net and store as usual.

    14. Your new net is now ready for use. No tag ends on brail lines to catch on the net. Mono is soft and relaxed. Net will open fully and flat on the water catching the maximum bait on each cast.

    Hope this information is useful to some of you guys and gals.