gettin a new rod, input needed

Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by fishinfreak19D, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. fishinfreak19D

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    Pittston, PA
    im on a quest to build the ultimate catfish combo, aint got the money for a custom job, but what do you all suggest to be the best made rod, i love my tiger and was gonna get another one, but i been hearing alot of good things about these tangling with catfish rods, anyone have experience with them? either way it will be paired up with an abu 7000, all ur input is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
  2. Catfishboy1995

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    I will be purchaseing a TWC Rod soon..But the Quantum big cat rods are the same price..and you can get different lengths...I like 7'6" so thats the reason im going with the TWC Rods...They have those catfish safsari rods alot of guys use...​

  3. CatHunter24

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    I had 2 Quantum Big Cat Rods....had the tip snap off one. May have been a defect or me just being an idiot with it getting wrapped in a net. But still seems it shouldn't have snapped that easy. The other one I still have hasn't given me any problems.

    I am in the market for another rod. I have two Tiger Rods and love them, but want to try something different I think. TWC I have heard good things about but I also have heard great things about Surge Rods. Only thing I don't care for about Surge is that the rods are 7'10. I also have heard good things about Team Catfish Rods, but I would like to stay a little less than 100 for a rod probably just because of being a broke college student :wink::smile2:
  4. ramon06

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    You are on the right track. Ever since I bought the Tiger 7' MH rod I am in love. I still want a TWC rod and for $65 plus shipping its a little more but from the reviews it sounds like it cant be beat. We have the James River Custom Rods here in Va and they are only $60 but they are heavy action. I have no doubt I could man handle a 100LB Cat with this rod and my Penn 309 with 100+lb PP, but some people prefer a little smaller, it is without a doubt superior as far as strength compared to any rod I have personally used but it is heavy action once again. I also have the Quantum Big Cat in a heavy 7'6" and I like the tiger better. If I had to reel in cats from 40-60 I like the tiger anything bigger Im going with the James River Custom. I like the Team Catfish but I think any rod at $100 is crazy. I will be buying a TWC to add to the championship lineup I have, its just hard to explain to the ol lady why I need another rod when I have 32 combos and no boat :smile2: but I will find a way.
  5. Frog Legs

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    I had a similar post a couple of weeks ago and the TWC fans responded about 6 to 1. I now have 2 TWC rods in the boat just waiting to get wet!
  6. johndeere nut

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    i have 3 team catfish rods that i love i have 2- 1-ton level ones and 1-1 ton level 2 they are great rods a little high at 99 a piece but i think they are worth it i have one more catmaxx that i am going to replace and i am going to buy a tangleing with catfish rod next and see how i like those i have heard alot of good things about them