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Get together for 9/16 or 9/17?

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Was wondering if anybody would like to get together this weekend. I got room on the boat for 1 more? Any takers? I just can't go on the lakes with a 10hp limit :cursing: I only have a 40hp to use.
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Where are you going?? Buckeye?? LOL
Was thinking about Alum Creek or Dillon.
I might be able to join on Friday 16th, will be me and my 7 year old
Let me know if you can make it for sure, not sure where you live but if Buckeye is closer we could go there.
Not Buckeye LOL either Dillon or Alum sounds good. Im in Blacklick, near reynoldsburg
Never been to Dillon, so Dillon it is.

You gonna be able to go as well on Friday Clarence? :confused:
I don't know yet, I guess your looking for someone to show you where to fish...LOL
Sure, if you're up to it?
I'll have to see. Looking like going to Lake Logan or even hitting the Ohio river this weekend.
brookville resevoir sonds good to me!! LOL Indiana that is.
RamRod where on Dillon are you going to be? I wont be able to make it till probably 7-8. If its at the spillway I dont think I want to go there I just cant fish with all those snags and with my son being there can really go up to the top. Im half way tempted to go to the other side of the spillway you have to park at the top then walk down but looks like some good open area.
Ryan, I'll probably be going out around 6 or 7. I'll be taking the boat out with my son. If you got a cell number PM me and I'll give you mine. I'll probably put the boat in by the marina.
I would put in across from the marina, that way it is not such a steep ramp and the walk back to the boat will be a lot shorter.
OK, Thanks for the heads up Clarence.

That's what I'll do!!
Ram I dont think Ill make it I have to get the house ready for a party and it needs cleaning. If I do go it will probably be to Alum since its closer to me.
Well it looks like it's just me and my son then. We'll be going to Dillon. I understand Gary, sorry you couldn't make it, maybe next time.
Good luck I hope to get at least 3-4 hours of fishing in. Let me know how you do Ive never heard of anyone catching anything exept in the spillway
I was up cleaning last night :sad: so no fishing, how did you do? I may go out Sunday since I have monday off :).
I ended up going to Lake Logan Friday and Dillon on Saturday. No luck fishing, but I had a great time with the other fellow B.O.C. brothers. I think the full moon had a hand in it!!!
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