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  1. Flatheadhunter33

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    You all may already know this but I just got the news...
    It seems as if Dana White is actually going to let the fighters who came over from Pride, get their title shots sooner than was originally thought.
    The Chuck Lidell/Quinton "Rampage" Jackson re-match will be sheduled for the May PPV event! That match was supposed to be pushed back until Rampage got more UFC fights under his belt but appearantly the light heavyweight division is thinning out and there are no names that can draw big enough money?

    In addition, Cro-Cop will fight in the April PPV event. If he wins that fight, he is supposed to get a title match. We just may see him fight Randy by summer's end if not sooner? Its gonna be a great year for the UFC!
  2. jlingle

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    Nice. I've never even seen Crocop fight. I must be the only one on the planet, because everybody talks about how tough this guy is. Good for Dana. I'm glad the UFC has somebody at the healm that will bring in new, fresh talent and more importantly, will make their darn champs fight!!!

    This makes me wonder, how much more will the MMA interest take away from boxing? After Randy's butt-whipping on Sylvia the other night, you knew without a doubt who won....... if it were a boxing match, you wouldn't have known for sure until the title was handed to Randy. Boxing just seems to screw it up and get it wrong too often. At least with MMA, there is usually no surprises when the results are read.

  3. teaysvalleyguy

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    Sounds like some good action in the coming months. Thanks brother.
  4. kat in the hat

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    Sounds good to me. I love Chuck, but if he has to give up his belt, it won't be the end of the world. I only saw Rampage fight once, and it was a good fight, but not enough to convince me he will topple Chuck again. It will be a hella fight either way.

    The UFC rules. Boxing, and hopefully pro wrestling will fall to the wayside in it's shadow. I love the way it's being promoted in rural areas. There's a bunch of fights going on within 20 miles of me. I will be attending these fights in the near future. I know someone who is training fighters for the UFC. Although I don't particularly care for the guy, I hope his students do well as they are local boys, and it would be good to see them make it.