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    Georgia closes four Wildlife Management Areas due to budget cuts Due to decreased appropriations for the Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division FY2010 budget, four WMA's will be affected. The four WMA's impacted are Lake Burton, Blue Ridge, King Tract and Rayonier. Although WRD will no longer provide wildlife management on Lake Burton (12,284 acres) and Lower Blue Ridge lands (18,000 acres), they are still available for hunting access as part of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The King (8,885 acres) and Rayonier (12,524 acres) WMA lands are closed as they were annual leases in Southeast Georgia, but will be available for private lease. We are, however, fortunate to have recent state land conservation investments in an additional 1,700 acres added to the Silver Lake WMA and another 7,000 acres in Long & McIntosh Counties at the Townsend WMA. DNR Commissioner Chris Clark notes, "The good news is that we have a net gain in total acres available to hunters over the last several years. The Department is fortunate in being able to offer more than one million acres of land to Georgia hunters for the purchase of a $19 WMA license. There is no better value, especially in these difficult economic times, for access to land for hunting." In light of these hunting access reductions, it is important to note that during the 2009 General Assembly, HB 326 was passed making important enhancements to the hunting and fishing license system. HB 326 was recently signed into law by Governor Perdue and is estimated to bring an additional $2.3 million into the state general fund. Georgia sportsmen and women will need to remind legislators during the 2010 General Assembly where these enhanced revenues should be spent. Those funds should be directed to and provided for enhanced wildlife conservation opportunities through our Wildlife Resources Division to be consistent with the expressed desires of sportsmen and women who fund wildlife conservation in Georgia. For additional information and to view a copy of the DNR-Wildlife Resources Press Release, visit
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    Times are tough and if our leaders have any thing to do with it they will be cutting our ck's and then giving themself a nice fat rasie

    Just my 2cents

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    Maybe they need to use some stimulus money on that instead of a new skateboard park. LOL