George Winter Lake

Discussion in 'Gateway Catfishing Club' started by Manny, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Manny

    Manny New Member

    Arnold, Mo
    Has anyone been to GW in a while ??

    It use to produce a lot of bait fast. From Asians that jump in the boat to a lot of decent sized shad.

    Anyone have any luck finding Shad ?? I cant seem to find them this year.
  2. Grumper

    Grumper New Member

    Crystal City MO
    I've been finding alot of shad here lately. Some big ones too. I think Cuz caught one a couple weeks ago that woudve went two pounds, no joke.:crazy: They were in the creek mouths, but here lately, I've been finding them behind the wing dikes with the asians, since the river dropped.:wink:

  3. wabah58

    wabah58 New Member

    I took the jon boat to George Winter last Monday. I forgot the cast net, but I did find a ton of Asians that assulted us as we motored by. They were in the back part of GW by where the lake runs parralell to the Meramec. There is a huge tree down back there in the cove and they were all up in that tree. It was great, my GF never has seen the asian Carp antics, we were crusing by real slow that downed tree, peeping out the fish finder, when all of a sudden they went crazy, with out saying a word she picks up the net trying to catch one in the net. It was great.

    But anyway, the Asians seem to be over there. I have saw a couple guys throwing their cast nets off the rock bank, next to the back boat ramp.