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Geno's in Columbus

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i picked up some bait at Geno's Bait shop in Columbus last night. What an incredible resource you guys in that area have. They had anything there you would need (alright, except Daichi hooks) and plenty of it. Make sure you patronize them! Buy it there first! We used to have a baitshop here in Hastings and I tried to check there first for anything I needed, even if I knew I could get it a few cents cheaper at Walmart.

We need to keep these little indepedents going. Hey if you're in the area give them some business. If you're a local and need a bottle of pop... Buy it there! Got some relatives in Columbus on the wife's side. Next time I'm there, I'll do the same.

I'll get off my soapbox now, but I feel strongly about supporting the little guys and specialty folks. Do business with the sponsors here and specialty outfits like Catfish Connection. Cabelas and Bass Pro will always be around, little guys might not!
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Yeah Jeff!! I remember Red's Bait Shop in Hastings. I miss that place. He had everthing in there as far as bait is concerned. You name it, he probably had it. It's to bad he closed shop!! Great place to go and shoot the breeze. Red was always great about giving out info on places where the big boys were biting!!
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