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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by fraid_knot, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. fraid_knot

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    As I been fishin all winter an spring, the shad are startin to become more readily available from the bank. I have been catchin some perty big shad. Least big in my book. So I got to thinkin.......With all this catch and release goin on, Why not include the baitfish?
    Afterall, if yer gonna havta cut it to size, why not put it back and catch the smaller baitfish and let the giant shad go on to breed more giant shad? What works for one fish orta work for all fishes.

    Lets make sure our kids have bait to fish with. Release all bait over ........Say, six inches.
  2. suddawg

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    If it's a river or a lake with plenty of big predatory fish that can tackle these large shad I say realease them if you want. As long as there's big flathead cats, blue cats, striped bass, etc. shouldn't be a big deal.

    So if there isn't any large predatory fish that can easily eat a large shad I wouldn't release it due to their quick ability to overpopulate a body of water.

  3. Sinker

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    fraid_knot, I think you have done it again. Brilliant!!! I get nearly in tears when I think of all those poor little kids of the future trying to catch trophies with spindly inbred shad. It's downright unethical to let such a thing happen.
    Seasons, slot limits, and ban trotlines, juglines etc. Speak out! Just keep a few small ones now and then. Ban throw nets! Make'm an endangered species! Return'em to the water unharmed or face ostracism!!!
  4. center12

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    With proper manipulation of the gene pool, I believe we could soon produce a 5 pound shad. This may be the answer to world hunger..........deep fried monster shad(with tartar of course)!!
  5. flathunter

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    My god man, if those shad get to big they will start eating the catfish!!!!!!

    Just kidding.
  6. crazy

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    Kansas CIty, MO
    I don't think it has anything to do with genes that they got that big. It's a matter of luck that they lived that long without getting into my throw net.
  7. jim

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    I would say from reading some of the posts on this thread that a little "Manipulation" of the human gene pool might be in order.LOL:) ;) :rolleyes:
  8. jtrew

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    Little Rock, AR
    I got a reason better'n all those above. Pieces of shad cut from a shad 8" or larger will stay on the hook 10 times better than a 3"-4" shad, and put 10 times the amount of blood into the water.
  9. OBXterraSC

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    NC (Fort Sill, OK right now)
    If they taste anything like sea mullet, I'm all for it!
  10. fraid_knot

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    Then since there isnt any predatory fish large enuff to eat a fair sized catfish, then I should keep em to make sure they dont overpopulate the lake.

    I grew up treadin water in the cesspool, thank you very much. :0a20:

  11. fraid_knot

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    Want ya all ta know, I'm pokin fun with this thread. Just seems ta me that if y'all treat "all" of gods creatures with some respect and common sense, y'all wouldnt havta quarrel back an forth all the time. No matter whether its catfish or even carp or shad. Figgered I mite orta add this since the powers that be, moved this outta the mainstream of things.

    Peers to me that most of the folks we got to be concerned with, aint on this site. So y'all shake hands an quitcher bellyachin and git back to havin fun.