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    About two weeks ago, my friend Bob and I went out fishing on the Cumberland River about 2 miles downstream of the Steamplant(for those that are familiar with this area). We intended to catch a bunch of bluegills and set 11 of Gene's jugs in a small creek we found that is about 6 to 8 foot deep and about 20 to 30 foot wide in most of it. This creek winds and turns back for a good ways, but we only went in about 1/4 to 1/2 mile from the mouth. We set out 11 Jugs from that point back out to about 100 feet from the mouth of the creek. This area is full of deadfalls and weeds and the trees are hanging over the water so that it's like having an umbrella over you all the time. We believe this creek will eventually turn out a huge flathead if we keep at it. So that's what we set out to find. To us, the jugs are just a good way to see what's in there and show us about what time we should fish it. We check them every hour or so. We baited them up with live bluegills and and returned to the main river to set out 12 more of Gene's jugs with cut bait to see if we could get a couple of eaters to put in my daughter's freezer. We set them out and were drifting along with them. Right now our river is nearly void of all current and has been for weeks. So needless to say, we didn't go far. In an hour we hadn't drifted more than 100 yards. We had caught nothing on these jugs after about an hour so we headed back up into the creek to check on those jugs. We checked them as we went and out of 11 jugs, we found 4 fish. One was a gar. We found a 5 or 6 lb Blue on one of the jugs near the mouth. We found about a 20 lber on one that was about half way to the furthest jug. Then on the second to last jug we checked, we found a bluecat that weighed in at 37.5 lbs. Bob had to finagle that one out of a fallen tree. We were amazed that we had caught that fish in only 6 feet of water way back in a very small creek, in the middle of summer. You always hear about big blues taking refuge deep when the water temps are so high. The surface temp on the river that night was 95 degrees. We figured we'd catch a bunch of gars and a few smaller flatheads in there. But they sure fooled us. We pulled the jugs out and headed back out to the river to collect the other jugs we set out. Keep in mind that we had been in that creek getting that fish out of the tree and the jugs for about an hour and a half. We found all of our other jugs almost immediately when we got back to that area. Funny thing is, we did catch one fish on cut bait when we collected them. A small flathead. LOL Probably about 18 inches long. What's so good about Gene's jugs is that with the glow sticks they are so easy to keep up with and find if you leave them for any length of time. The night before this, one of our jugs had come loose from it's cord and drifted all the way across KY lake where we were fishing. It took us about 45 minutes to find it, but we found it because of the glowstick. It was way up in the hydrilla back in a cove. Between the glowsticks and the size of the jugs, we have never lost one yet. And we leave them unattended an awful lot. We couldn't find the camera we had with us while we were in the creek. And we released the big fish back into the creek. We had that camera and it was right where we put it. LOL But neither of us could find the darn thing when we needed it. Normally we don't take pics of jug fish. To me, jug fishing is just a good way to figure out fish habits and get some eating size fish for the freezer. Not to show trophies. Rod and reel is to me the only true way to catch braggin fish. But this is just my own opinion. If you are a jug fisherman, you can't go wrong with these kits. They are hands down better than any of the other designs we tried.

    Thanks Gene, for designing and offering us a great product.
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    Bryan,sure glad you had good luck with Gene's jugs. :wink:

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    Never tried jugging.. but after this read... i think i might be in the market soon and Gene will be my go to man!
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    Thanks Bryan;

    I appreciate you and Uncle Bob using them and reporting your experiences.
    Keep up the Good work.