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    Hi all BOC members,

    I LOVE doing genealogy research. I have access to a paid database with tons of info. If anyone would like me to look up something for you just PM me with the info like: ancestors name, where they lived, and when. I can search for any locality but I am most familiar with databases from: South Georgia, North Florida, and Eastern Tennessee. I have also done extensive research of New England records and Quebec records (my beau is from Vermont).

    Since I work from home on my computer some distractions from work would be welcome :wink:

    Here are some great places to get started on your own family tree:

    US GenWeb Project
    A great place to start. Has tons of info. Each state has its own site with lots of local info like cemetery records, marriage records, local family histories and bibles, and census information.

    Family Search
    I wouldn't take the info on this site to the bank because much of the info is user submitted. But, It is definitely a good place to get some clues that could lead you to source documents. Has access to 1880 US Census and Soc. Security Death Index.

    Has the Soc. Security Death Index and a great message board.

    Ellis Island
    Good to search for family members who are more recent immigrants (1892-1924).

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    Arnold, MO
    Nice offer Gina, and I appreciate it.
    However, my brother in law has already done an enormous job of tracing ours. Luckily, the Catholic Church keeps excellent records. We have it traced to 1254. He even wrote a book listing it all with stories about the people, when available. I even got to write a very small part of it. My favorite story was when a 96 year old ancestor, back in the 1400's, was arrested for "Improper Advances to a 16 year old girl". Back then, he could have smiled at her.
    On the Czechoslovakia side, they were map makers to royalty around the world.
    On the French side, they were with Champlain when he settled Quebec and later moved to what is now MO and settled the town of St. Genevieve, the oldest settlement west of the Mississippi. (Talking about the white settlements, to keep this politically correct) One building still standing there, was the home of my ancestor.

    Yes, it is interesting to me, if to no one else.

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    Cool. My mothers cousin has done alot of research of thier side of the family,Turns out Andrew Jacskon him self is my mom's great grandfather:cool2:
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    Our church has a Family History center on site and one of the ladies took the research I had done ( back to 15th century England) and started working on it at about 2:00 PM and by 8:00 PM that night had traced one line back to Adam and Eve. If you can ever get into royalty it will get you through the Dark Ages and then you can really go.

    This lady has since moved and is working for
    She is so good and fast that at home, she works with 3 computers at the same time. I was amazed at how she could remember names and dates on my line days after she had done the work.
    I know that there could be errors, but it sure was neat to print all that off....almost burned up the printer.
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    I got a neice who did quite a bit of research, came up with some interesting stuff, including a picture of the ship my dad's side came over on. I haven't read any of it, but I heard about another relative who did a lot of research and discovered some interesting stuff too. I never had time, but was always interested and wanted to continue and fill in gaps. Hope someday I can get around to it.
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    We have a lot of ours done, John's sister has done their side of the family and one of my aunts has my side.

    My mother told me that my grandfather started a family tree and didn't get far down his line and found a horse thief. She said he stopped there and refused to go any further. :smile2::smile2::smile2: My aunt picked it up later and has quite a bit of it done. My grandmother's lineage is a problem in the mix, because she was left on a couple's doorstep, and they kept her and raised her so we know NOTHING about her relatives.
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    That's funny! You never know what your gonna dig up. Just a few years ago I found out my GGrandfather was the son of the housekeeper. No one ever wanted to talk about that.