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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by eric2006, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. eric2006

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    this may have been posted before, but if I'm looking for a baitcasting reel with more cranking power instead of more speed, would i be looking for something that is a 4:7:1 or should i be looking for one with more speed reeling for catfish??
    Any information about this subject would be great.
    Also the reels im looking at are the abu Garcia's. I've read a lot about them, but just curious more about the gear ratio.
  2. Ghosth

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    Higher ratio's mean it will come in faster.

    If your looking for more cranking power I'd look at something in a bit lower ratio. IE 3:1 instead of 4+ or 5:1

    Like everything its a matter of balance.
    Too low and it will take a long time to bring in an empty line.
    Too high and retrieves are fast but its hard to bring in a good fish.

    However, if your using your rod correctly by lifting the rod tip, then reeling down, you can efficiently bring in a big fish with a high ratio. But you can't just crank on the handle to bring a big one in.

  3. kscathunter

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    i like the 4:1 range the 3s are to low the 5s too high. like ghosth said balance. there is several reels that offer 4:1s 7000 size abus and up, penn gts, pflueger contender (my favorite) ect. the lower the # the longer it takes you to reel in but with more power. the higher the # the oppisite.