Gavin point Dam

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    I plan on going up to gavins Point in the next month and then in the first part of may. I have been up there a few times with little luck. I will be fishing from the bank. I'm looking for some helpful tips on location and bait. We usual try Ne. side below the damn. any help would be great. Thanks
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    I haven't had super luck up there for cats either. Live bait or big hunks of fresh cutbait is probably the best bet. Contrary to what some folks say,...:0a10: ....there are also good fish to be caught across the river in the little lake,...Lake Yankton. I think the campground below the dam on the S.D. side is called Cottonwood. There's some nice camping spots there. Good access to bank fishing all around the lake for bass, northerns, walleye, crappie, gills, and some nice channels. You can fish the lake with a Ne. license. and early in the year there's not such a weed problem either. GOOD LUCK!