Gauley Bridge area?

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  1. Cuda-Cada

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    Jacksonville, Fl.
    I grew up in Nicholas county but I caught my first flathead in Gauley Bridge on a camping trip. Wondering if anyone fishes around this area anymore for flatheads...
  2. Jerry60k

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    Chelyan, West V
    If your on a boat it can be a great area.I dont have much access to a boat so I am limited.

  3. corklabus

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    West Virginia
    I know the post is a bit old. Sorry 'bout that. I have a step-son who consistently catches huge carp and average 10lb cats just below the dam. I personally haven't tried to put my boat in this location because they lock the stupid gate to get to the boat ramp during the night. Someone said they quit doing that, but I don't believe it since I haven't heard it from anyone else.
    Another question I have is that I would LOVE to fish above that dam, but I don't see where there is any boat access available. My son told me there is an "unimproved" boat ramp almost directly in front of the Hiway Patrol station, but I haven't been able to see it from the roadway and being "unimproved" makes me think Gravel, Steep and probably DEEP. Anyone know about this ? Also, I know there is a public access ramp a little ways up rt. 39 to the Gauley. Is this ramp useable for access to the New/Kanawah down the Gauley? Considering a 19ft tri-hull boat. Seems like the water is pretty shallow and bridge clearance might be a bit tight. The only other access I know of might be to launch from the Campground up river about a mile up the New. :confused2: