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    I've been running all over the BOC acting ignorant...well, not actually acting, because there is a lot of stuff I am completly ignorant about. One being outboard motors... So, to clarify my ignorance a little, I'd like to get info on motors of say 50 HP or greater. Can you hook up tachometers, hour guages, oil pressure guages, temp. guages, etc. to these motors? OR are these items specific to certain motors only...
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    Depends on the vintage of the engine more than anything - very old engines probably won't have outputs for tach, etc. but the newer ones do.

    My 2005 Yamaha 60hp 4-stroke has a tach in the dash and I just added an hour meter a few minutes ago (it's activated by the key being in the "run" position.)

    If I wanted to spend the $300 or so, I could buy the Yamaha "integrated" tach / hour meter / oil pressure / trim position indicator - it just plugs into the wiring harness and is a standard 2-3/4" diameter gauge. Has a matching speedometer as well for another couple hundred bucks.

    BobPaul or Bubbakat will have to tell you when these sorts of outputs started being available on outboards, as I don't have a clue.

    But I'm pretty sure you can add oil pressure, water temperature and water pressure to just about any motor - and I've been told (here of course!) that a water pressure gauge is a whole lot more useful than an engine temperature gauge -- the latter will tell you if you're overheating but the pressure gauge will tell you if the water pump is moving enough water, which is really what you want to know.

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    You can put a tach on any motor that has a charging system. You can put an hour meter on any electric start motor.

    You can put a water pressure gauge on any thing with a water jacket.

    Figure out what you gonna put it on and We will do our best to help. I like the water pressure gauge my self over the temp gauge.