gators ??

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  1. roger_syclone

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    We have heard alot of stuff about alligators taking your catch off the line before you can, around here has anyone have anything that has happened to them here in florida and the gators vs catfisherman ?lol just wanting to hear Some more.:smile2: I might have to change a few things about the way we are used to fishing from Missouri/Kansas/Oklahoma area :roll_eyes:
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    Oh yeah. I've seen 'em hooked a few times. They can be a real pain!!!

    I've even had to move my line every few minutes to get away from 'em till they decide to leave it alone. I have even had them try to eat my bobbers more than once. They're not too bright :eek:oooh: LOL

    It just depends on where your fishing at and how many of them are around at any given time. Some days you never see one some days they are just a pain!