GATORS and being a wuss.

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Team Ooops Stanky, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. Team Ooops Stanky

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    I just posted a question about using Seine nets in a river (getting my money's worth of posts this morning) and I mentioned not wanting to entangle gators in my net.
    What I didn't mention was that I have even less of a desire to get myself entangled with gators :D
    I used to fish chest deep in gator occupied waters, but lately have begun questioning the sanity in doing so...There's a few gigantic bulls I've seen lately in the river where I fish, and I'm hesitant to stroll around among them (for the purpose of using the seine net).
    Am I being a little girl about it, or would you caution against it? After all, I swim with sharks everytime I go surfing. (Although when they bite you, they don't submerge you underwater and spin in circles like a washing machine stuck on overdrive. What a horrible way to go that would be. :eek: )
    So for those Cajuns and fellow lowcountriers around: Is it really something not to be too afraid of, or am I right to avoid them outside of a boat?
  2. Sean

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    Phoenix, AZ
    I know that I would treat them and their habitat with a healthy amount of respect. :cool:

  3. cook

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    You can't go around scared of everything in life...BUT....there ain't a thing wrong with caution.Just be aware of your surroundings and use your best judgement.No one can answer that question for you.
  4. Gator

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    A bull gator is something to keep your eye one that is for sure. Now normally they won’t mess with a human but if some one has ever feed them then you have something to worry about. Because then they will come to you for food and Gators have been known to have very bad tempers. Be very cautious; if you fell uneasy about being in chest deep water with them then go to a different spot. They can since the fear in a animal and man as well, and one day one of them might try you for size. The females on the other hand if you get close to there young or nest will get you and do it very quick. The late spring early summer I would be very worried about them.
  5. Mutt

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    well ill put it the best way i can think of. after all i been through in life ive never been afraid of anything. but ya/ll can keep them gaters hehe id rather wrestle with a dozen rattlers then be in the same water as a gater nope nope nope. heack id rather go visit my x wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now thats scary. :eek:
  6. Team Ooops Stanky

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    >"normally they won’t mess with a human but if some one has ever feed them then you have something to worry about"

    actually, that's one of the main reasons I'm so leery about it. Most people that use the landing, especially this time of year, are hunters. I've actually seen deer being dressed down near the waters edge. :D

    I guess my question should have been: Is there anybody out there who goes into gator "infested" water on a regular basis (funny; I'm racking my brain to think of any good reasons why a person might do so, and I'm coming up short), and if so, got any advice?

    I was watching Discovery Channel last month, and they had a documentary about the alligators in Florida that all of the sudden wigged out and started eating people (on some resort island(?) ). It was somewhat sensationalistic reporting, but then again, they weren't making it up...They get dogs all the time around here, but I've yet to hear of one attacking people in these parts.
  7. Dano

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    There is no way I would do it. Just not important enough for me to take a chance on loosing a limb or life. I've always heard a gator will not attack while under water. I don't know if thats true or not. I've heard people in my area swimming with em and never had a problem but not this man. I like having some control of my surrounding and being in waste deep water with gators seems to me, gives them the more control.
    Hope you have medical and life insurance for the just in case one wants to get friendly with ya.
    Good luck.
  8. fourteenfootcat

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    Big Spirit Lake, Iowa
    LOL! Funny, yet truthful.

    Good, honest post.

    Rabid possums, skunks, beavers, and coons on the other hand.... well...

    As the boyscouts say, "Be Prepared"

  9. crazy

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    Yeah you know I'm just glad i have a boat.......
  10. Gator

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    Ludowici GA

    I have caught gator's as I am a licensed herpetologist with the State of Florida (or was till I moved to Georgia). What I am saying here is this;

    1 always keep an eye on the gators you never ever know what they will do.
    2 if there have been people cleaning deer of fish in that area where you’re fishing and tossing the left overs in the river then you do have something to worry about.
    3 never do nothing that will make them think you’re injured.

    With people cleaning there kill and or catches there (knowing that some if not all of them toss the left overs in the water), they are now assonating people with food and that is when they get dangerous. If you were to slip and fall near one or else drop something and then reach for it you could have a very serous problem. The other thing to do is keep and eye out for anything that just don’t look right in the water as a gator can and will attack from under the water. If you can not see your feet and there are gators there then you are not using common since, as you need to be able to see what is coming at you. These are wild animals here and to tell you that you will be ok would be a lie, and I am not going to do that. With you in water waste deep that gator can out swim you and you are after all in his tertian not yours. Also on the ground in a 100 yard dash they will out run a dog in a straight line now if you are zig zaging then your ok but in a straight line you have had it. Also keep in mind that during the breading season they become very territorial. A female gator with a nest will charge you no questions ask and means to kill you, so will big bulls if he feels you are there to disrupt his progress so to say, or trying to take his territory from him. This is in the late spring and early summer and the late summer as well. Yes if I was you I would be very careful and always have an emergency get away route in mind.
  11. GaryF

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    I'm with Crazy, i think I'd stick to a boat :D I'd rather be a live wuss than be gator bait.
  12. ohiocattracker

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    I dont think i would even like to be on the water in a boat with them much less in the water lol so i quess im a sissy.I saw one in Florida one time eat a little dog that got to close to the water on the bank of Lake George i think that is the name of the lake.
  13. capt.kirk

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    i have been axx deep in water with gators,while installing my boat dock
    did not even give a thought about them until we were finished with the
    job,i guess we are so used to seeing them we dont pay attention,i for one
    will not pull that stunt again.if you figure the odds it is like playing the
    lotterythe more you play the better the odds get in the gators favor,if you
    are going to keep playing the game,PUT A NAME TAG IN YOUR HATso they
    can have a service for you.
    KIRK :p
  14. Team Ooops Stanky

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    From reading everyone's replies, so far I've gleaned the following:

    1.) Stay out of the water.
    2.) Don't fall in.
    3.) Swim elsewhere.
    4.) Don't dangle your stinky feet off the boat just to soothe the itching/burning.
    5.) Male alligators will eat you just to be mean in the spring, summer, and fall.
    6.) Female gators will eat you the rest of the time.
    7.) Don't do a bellyflop dive off your boat and then thrash your arms and legs around in an attempt to impersonate a drowning deer.
    8.) Trolling for gators with fresh roadkill tied behind your boat is not a wise idea, no matter how entertaining it may be.
    8.) Teach your dog not to run in a straight line when being chased by an alligator.
    9.) (I'm a little fuzzy on this one, but as best I understand it) - If for any reason you have to go in the water, say, to retrieve something you've dropped: go find your ex-wife and trick her into going in and getting it for you.

    On a serious note, thanks for the info from Gator etc.,...Sadly, I was expecting as much and would have to concur with giving them a wide berth and healthy dose of respect ...

    The water I used to fish chest deep in that had gators was a large backwater pond in the Frances Marion National Forest. For some reason the gators didn't seem nearly as scary as they do to me when they're in a swamp...
    After a while though, even those started spooking me a little bit. They can make some freaky sounds that send a chill up your spine in mid July...One time, due to overhanging tree limbs, I was fishing in an almost squatted position from shore. Apparently this made me more attractive as a dinner menu item, as one swam up to about 20 ft. away (closer than it sounds, trust me), and stayed there for over twenty minutes, totally motionless, just staring at me with those cold reptilian eyes...Not to get too carried away, but when one's studying you and measuring you up like that, you won't ever think of them the same way.

    Anyway, when I stood up, it slowly submerged underwater, and my days of casual angling in chest deep water were numbered from then on out...
  15. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    The gators won't bother ya if you show them respect. I've hunted and fished these carolina swamps all my life, and still have all my important body parts...:lol:
  16. roundhill

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    kings mtn
    tommy did you take that picture i know thear are some gators that big down thare i try to stay away from them i hav not had any trouble with them
  17. solomon

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    We have plenty of gators in the swamp here in south MS. We've got some river swamp on my dad's place where I hunt, and it's always been a part of my life, and so have the gators. A few things I've learned are: Don't try to agitate em, but there's no sense in that anyway. Don't feed the gators, they can find food just fine without any help from you. DON'T mess with the babies. If you find eggs, leave em alone. Basically just leave the gators alone and they'll leave you alone. Not saying you don't have to be careful. They feed whenever they're hungry and if they mistake you for some small meal, there's always a chance you could have an encounter. You hear stories about people having problem encounters with gators in Florida and such. I think it's because they are living close to the humans and the people for some reason feel compelled to mess with em. I think that's a bad idea for many reasons. You don't hear of alligators running up the bank and attacking people here, cuz we leave em alone.
  18. TxRiverman

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    Lockhart Tx
    Personaly i dont like not being at the top of the food chain. When your swimming with large predators you are no longer at the top of that chain, just because gators dont usually attack us dont mean they wont. Why take the chance?
  19. da-cajun-angla

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    Im Born And Raised In South La Where We Live Side-by-side With These Outstandingly Tough-as-all-s#*t Dinosaurs. Its All A Game Of Size With Much As It Depends On The Individuality Of The Gator...if They R Of A Large Enough Size To See U Not As A Threat, But As Potential Meal...i Wouldnt Even Be Standing In Shin-deep Water With Em'. Its Not About Balls With Gators, Its About Being In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time. What Makes Matters Even Worse Is The Fact That U Have Bait(dragging A Seigne), Puts The Odds Of U Being Lunch About 3 Out Of 10...which Is Not Good Odds In The Least. Watch Ur Ass Out There...thats Like Russian S#*t!!!...i Travel With My 5yr Old In A Pirogue All The Time In Gator Infested Waters...but Most Of The Time, Their Not Bigger Than The Pirogue, And With Gators There Is A Pecking Order..."if Im Bigger Than U, Get Out The Way" Mentality. So Im Not Really Worried...we've Had Our Scares, Like Being In 2' Of Water And Feeling Them Scraping Underneath Or Jetting Out From Under The Pirogue With A Thunderous Splash...its Not A Game Of Wits,(they Dont Have Any, Their Brains The Size Of A Walnut), Its Im Hungry, There's Food, And Its Big, But Im Bigger, So I Can Be Full A Long Time. I Steer Clear Of Em' Unless Im Huntin' Em, But They Are Dangerous, So I'd Take It Pretty Damn Seriously. Hope This Answers Ur Question.
  20. Wil

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    its early summer now isnt it??