Gatlinburg trout - bait suggestion?

Discussion in 'Trout Fishing' started by countrycat15, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. countrycat15

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    hey guys,june 12 i will be going to gatlingurg tennese for some trout fishing does and body know anygood bait that will work good for trout if u do plese let me know.also is there any place to catfish in gatlinburg if so please tell me. thanks
  2. Sentry Dog Man

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    I have never fished in the Gatlinburg area. But, I live in upper east TN and have fished several small, mountain, trout streams in the state. So, as for bait, (especially if the stream is a stocked stream) canned corn is hard to beat. But, make sure it is legal to use in the particular stream that you are fishing.

    Now, if you are going to try some artifical lures using a spinning rod, I would stick with some of the small spinners, like some of the Rooster tails or Panther Martin. My personal preference in the color of the blade on the spinner has always been gold.

    If your are a fly fisherman, I would just suggest a few basic flies that have proven themselves to me over the years. And, seem to be good on most trout streams, where you are fishing blind (don't know the water that well). For dry flies, the Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Coachman and some type of Wulff pattern. Streamers- Muddler Minnow and a Black Nosed Dace (or something similiar). Nymphs- Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear and Tellico Nymph.

    Also, Olive colored Wooly Buggers and White Wooly Worms (especially if there are stocked trout in the stream).

    If you are not a fly fisherman, you can still fish these flies by adding some small split shot to your line or use a spinning bubble to give you the weight you need to cast your spinning rod. Also, you can buy fly spinners that you add the fly to but you will still probably need to use some small split shot to cast them, unless your are fishing microlite gear.

    I have always had better success by casting upstream and letting the current bring the fly/lure/bait towards me. But, you need to watch your line or put some kind of strike indicator on it.

    Also, on many small streams you will find that you may not be able to cast that well. So, you will need to learn how to "stream flip" or do a "bow and arrow" cast.


  3. FordTruckGuySTX

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    Caryville, TN
    Corn kernels work decently, I've got several rainbows there on the Berkely powerbait earthworm type, and also just on nightcrawlers.
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    Los Angele
    It depends on what type of water you are fishing Lake or stream. Stream situations fly fishing is king and also spinners like castmasters and roostertails or panther martins.

    In lake situations powerbait works really good. Also nightcrawlers inflated is really good as well. Just make sure you use light line when trout fishing like from 2-4 pound test if using mono.
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    South Carolina
    Corn and the fake Salmon eggs from Wal-Mart work good here. I catch about the same number of trout on both. I agree with Sentry though: it is not legal everywhere. I know that Cherokee, across the Smokies from Gatlinburg, has some sensitive streams so make sure to check your local regulations first.
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    I've Been Fishing In Gatlinburg Tn One Time.i've Seen Alot Of Guys Trying Way To Hard Up There.i Was Fishing Next To Some Guys Using Every Thing From Flys To Power Bait.they Were Not Catching Anything But I Through Out My Trout Lure And Caught One My First Cast.worms Or Lures Work The Best There.
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    I've always wanted to fish in the little pigeon.. I think when I go on vacation there this year I'll take my ultralight and some corn with me
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    I like the nightcrawlers where they are legal.