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    i finaly went to a little gathering down in henderson ky. i had a awesome time. thought this would get me through until the national gathering, but it just made me ready even more. the hospitallity of all was unreal. jw was a awsome host and a hoot to fish with. i would suggest everyone to try thier very best to make it to the national, you wont regret it i promise. we all might have to gang up on dh and take the keys to the fish truck from him. he kept it locked and hid the hole weekend :lol: . even if i knew i wouldnt catch any fish i woulda still went. thanks to all you ky guys for having me down.
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    There is nothing like going to a BOC Gathering. I have been to 6 or 7 of em and can't wait for the next one. Time goes too quick when you are there and you hate to leave. Many tears are shed and good times had by all.

    See yall soon at the National.

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    i cant wait to see you all there