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  1. fishingbuddy4

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    Warner Rob ga
    When everyone showing up next friday
  2. Hannibal Mike

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    Hannibal, MO
    I hope to get there by noon, but it may take a bit longer. I need to find directions again! I am sharing a spot. Hannibal Mike

  3. safetybass

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    Looks like IF I get there, it will be late Friday night. We have been asked to attend a Senior Awards ceremony at the High School at 7 PM Friday night to watch my son be recognized. Monday night was debate/theater awards. Tonight was choir awards. Tomorrow night is their Bachelaureate Ceremony. Commencement is Saturday, and Saturday night is the all night party I get to provide security for. Somehow, I'm thinking I will be singing in my sleep at church Sunday morning.
  4. Bigmagic

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    Edwards Missouri
    Larry don't you recognize your own son?(just kidding) Your doing security, must be a high class wing ding, you hob knobbing with the socially elite again? You want me to stage a panty raid so you can look good as "Chief of Security"? How in the world did you wind up with that gig? I have to admit those are some pretty creative excuses. How does the mastermind of Public Saftey wind up being a Security Guard? I hope its a party for your son and not for those...ahem "snobs" who think someone would want to crash one of their parties. See ya Saturday(maybe?).
  5. Dave53

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    Lonedell M
    Will be on the computer trying to find the most direct route from the east side of the state!..Leaving about 10 am but since I'm driving an old pick up it may take a while to get there...I have 4-5gal buckets of tire wheel lead I'm bringing so you guys that want to make weights will have plenty to do! Unfortunately I was not able to get the shad I planned on bringing..the river has been up and I lost 4 bags when my son unplugged my fridge!
  6. 1sporticus

    1sporticus Active Member

    davesoutfishing and Mike my son and I am going to try and get there around noonish. We're coming from the southeastern tip of Iowa, and there is no direct route, and I'm pretty sure we can get there fron here.lmao
  7. Mr.T

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    From St. Louis, take I-70 west to US 65, then south to Warsaw. Go about 8 or 10 miles west on Mo hwy 7 and then turn north on county road UU. Park is at the end of the road.

    If you're coming from south of St. Louis you're in for a long drive, no matter what route you take.

    Best bet would be to take I-44 west past Fort Leonard Wood and then take Mo Hwy 7 north - it's a twisty, turny, windy, slow-going road but pretty country to see along the way. I drove that road hundreds of times when I was in college at Rolla.

    Once you get to Warsaw, keep on Hwy 7 west to the state park.

    From southeast Iowa, I'd probably grab US Hwy 63 to Columbia then I-70 west as above.

    Hope you all have a great time - I'm tied up with my son's baseball tournament and don't think I'll make it down except possibly a couple of hours on Saturday evening, and that's not likely.