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gathering leeches for bait

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Ok fellas and ladies, if youre going for walleye and the leeches are out and playing all night you may as well get a buncha them fror yourself and do it fairly cheap.


One nylon sock,
length of good line to tie it off and toss it out
a hunk of bloody liver

place the hunka liver in the nylon, tie it off, and toss it into backwater where leeches can be found. Bayous, swamps, nasty stagnant water... anywhere you see leeches out and about.

leave it for 2 hours, bring it in quick then hold it over a bucket and pinch the leeches off they nylon. Repeat till you have whatcha need. Keep some blood handy to redip your liver after you have stripped the leeches off.

enjoy your bait. Now get that nylon back to the lil lady before she sees it is gone... and do yourself a favor. Remove the liver from it first.

Tight lines!

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I use leeches alot to catch cats it works really well. To keep them you have to keep them cold in the frig. If the water looks dirty then it is so it must be changed if your leeches start to stink you really need to change the water and take any dead ones out. I wouldnt worry so much about feeding them but if you do then through a piece of beef liver in there and then take it out the next day because it will make the water foul. Good luck with the leeches. You can also find them on ebay. I have a link to a bait shop that sells them Pm me and I will give it to you I dont know if im allowed to post it as they are not a sponcer of the BOC.
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