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Discussion in 'Outdoor Adventures' started by shania, Feb 11, 2006.

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    San Leandro, Ca
    My memorable fishing trip came in April of 2005 at the "Central California Gathering" :0a23:

    I was new to the B.O.C. - but by the time of the Gathering - I was Hooked!
    I never been on a fishing web-site, of any kind, and was able to talk fishing to so many people that love fishing like I do "24/7" - "From Coast to Coast"!

    But anyway, back to the Gathering. We was bless with good weather & the fishing was good as well. But there were times when you would go without getting anything but that was O.K. because we was having a good time just enjoying the time on the water, the great weather, ect. "Just being away from the Job" - And then it was like "Fish On"!

    We mostly used the Shad (Butterflied), but you know that I had to use my Stink-bait as well. I'm not much of a story teller, but all I know is that it was one of the "Best Fishing Trips that I have been A part of & I will never forget it"!

    Members Attended:

    Bert McGhee Jr. (Shaina)
    Robb Wyre (daystarchis)
    Lindsay Taylor (Fshnutz)
    Paul (Dirty Harry)
    Lloyd (hopnbrly)
    Tim (B.O.C. Member - But used name is unknow)

    Type of Fish caught:

    "Channel Cats" & "Striper Bass"

    Baits Used:

    Cut Bait (Shad) - Minnows & Stick-baits

    I've have some Photos from the Central California Gathering, but I'm having trouble putting them up. (Paul if you see this - can you help me out? :worship:
    I sent all of the Photos of the Gathering to you.

    Take it easy,
Thread Status:
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