gathering at katfish katys on the mo river

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    couple of us got together at katfish katy on the mo. had a good time we had fishnfool jbusher jlcperformance markj ssminer larryagain and a few others we got rained on sun. morn. that kinda sucked but we all kept dry for the most part. it was pretty cool to meet some of the people u talk to on the internet. ssminner had the big fish big ol 4# flat head!!! :smile2: least he caught something tho, cause the rest of us had not much luck. mark j i have to say thanks for the info u shared with us. and larry again man u had me crackn up and u also had some dam good info. flat heads on spoons. im gonna have to try that. all in all it was a good time. cant wait to do it again:big_smile:
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    Thanks for thje report. We have our Central California Fall Classic in a few weeks. Always good to see and meet old/ new friends:wink: Reps