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i am heading back to florida there going to be a problem finding
gas thru the state need info ASAP
CAPT.KIRK :confused:
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There is no problem finding gas. Circle k and some more are saving gas until the price goes up. But you can find gas.
most places there isnt any problem with gas. There might be a problem with your wallet after you fill up though.
capt.kirk said:
i am heading back to florida there going to be a problem finding
Not as long as you eat at Taco Bell!! :)
I filled up at the Super Walmart Gas Station today. Regular gas was 19 cent cheaper than at the RaceTrack Station 1/2 mile down the road. They also give you 3 cent off on the gallon if you use a Walmart Card. Have a safe trip coming back....Ray
THANK YOU to all who replied to my far as cost i have my 2 best
friends with me.VISA and MASTER CARD.all i want to do is get home and get
rested up from this trip.i am not even going to bring my boat back,it can set
in my son in laws garage till things get better for all the folks that were hit
by the storm.also my name really is KIRK.
I made it back this morning did not have any problem with gas or lodging,
never paid more than 2.89 per gal till i hit the great state of florida and it
was over 3.00 in some places.traffic flowed good, people were having respect
for each other and some of the most polite folks i ran across were in kentucky
tennessee and georiga.
over here most places are out of gas but a barge of gas was suposed to come here today. the one place that has gas is cash only.
we did have a safe trip home.i was to sick to really worry about the prices,
i just wanted to get back to my own bed to heal up,sick enough to leave
my nitro in my son in laws garage that should tell you how bad i felt.well
thats all behind me now,i can still hook up with a couple of friends who
have boats,if not i can fish the bank at lake tarpon.i suppose i could look
at the map im wanting to know where is VALRICO from NEW PORT RICHEY?
we have been down here almost 3 years and so far have not had any damage
from hurricanes,we have been wondering how long the luck will hold out.
we have located a place about 1 half mile from barkley lake in kentucky
belongs to another BOC member,im just an old hill billy and i miss the hills
lakes and rivers real bad.we are getting the house ready to put up for sale
starting next week.if for some reason we dont get the home in KY we will go
back to is about lunch and nap time,so i better get it before she
throws it out.GOOD LUCK and good HEALTH to you and yours.
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Capt Kirk, glad ya'll made it back in one piece. Valrico is located on Route 60 on the way to Plant City. It's a little nook on the east side of Brandon and west side of Turkey Creek. As a matter of fact, we live right off of North Valrico Road. Our local fishing spots here are Dover Park and Turkey Creek Reservoir (Edward Menard Park). I kinda like those two spots because to get to both of them I'm travelling East....Ray
Capt Kirk, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. We hope you recover soon.....Ray
thanks for your reply to my question on your location.i am pleased to report
i am feeling much better now,and i thank you for your shure that
we will hook up again sometime
CAPT.KIRK :cool:
Capt Kirk, if you ever make it over this way let me know a week or two in advance and we can go fish Turkey Creek. I believe New Port Richey is about an hour away. I don't really know of any good spots over there. I've heard people talk about Lake Tarpon but have never fished there? Where exactly is it located and do they have a decent boat ramp?....Ray
i will contact you by phone,and we can talk more about it.what is the best
time to contact you?i have been cleaing out my desk and i have info all over
the place,if i dont find your # i will let you know. thanks for the invite. :)
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