Gas grill to the smoker?

Discussion in 'The BOC Diner' started by daniel-delarosa, Feb 3, 2008.

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    I am new to smoking and I have a hard time keeping the temp regulated in my smoker for hours on end. I came up with the idea of putting my brisket in my gas grill for half or 3/4 of the cooking time, then popping it in the smoker. It seems like a good idea, but will it turn out ok? The last time I smoked I did ribs and they had too much of a smokey flavor to them. I figured using the grill then the smoker would mellow out the smoke taste. I have already started the brisket but I'm stressin' cause I want it to turn out good for tonight.
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    There is nothing wrong with doing that, regulating your temp on the smoker takes practice and also having a good quality smoker. I don't cook on the small smokers.
    You have to have the right venting to regulate your temp.
    I love the smokey flavors and so do the judges when competeing in cooking contests. Depending on the type of meat your cooking is how I determine the type of wood I use to flavor it with.
    We use alot of Mesquite and oak and Apple wood.

    Don't get discouraged, keep on tryin, practice makes perfect.

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    Should work fine as long as you keep the heat down on the grill or place the meat to the side away from the direct heat.
    Ribs will take on more of a smokey flavor because there not very thick. I usally only add one batch of wood chips for ribs and a couple batchs of them for thicker cuts like a brisket. I use a propane smoker so regulating the heat is not a problem. Depending on what type of wood you use, hickory, oak type are pretty strong and to me are better suited for thick cuts. For ribs I like apple and I also use apple juice in my water pan instead of water. Like lawman said it just takes some pratice until you get the desired results depending on your taste. Enjoy the brisket today....
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    Ain't no such thing as too much smoke!!


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    im not a professional but smoking meat is an art. most folks with lots of experience will tell ya to add smoke for the first hr or two then just heat.

    probably will turn out ok but i would think to acheave the smoke flavor would be best to smoke it first for three hrs or so then slow cook on the grill. ive just always heard to smoke first to acheave the flavor. then cook. let us know how it turns out.
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    I am by far no expert on the subject ,Daniel. But I will let you in on how I do my briskets.; I smoke at 250* for around 4 hrs in as heavy smoke as I can get . then crank up the heat to 300-325 and wrap foil around the meat tightly ,cook for another 3-4 hrs. end result is a smokey brisket without the crusty skin that is usually dried and resembles jerky.,plus the meat is tender enough to fall apart.