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Garmin fishfinders

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Has anyone out there had any experience with Garmin stuff. I got a 160 and a 250 on my new boat. Both are junk and the 250 just went completely out. I am of the opinion that Garmin is Mexican for GARBAGE. These units are 4 months old! Are they all bad or did I just get 2 lemons.
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I have been useing a Garmin 250 C for a year now Cheez. I haven't had a bit of trouble with it so far. They should have been under warranty only being 4 months old. I know several others who run them and have had no problems. Hopefully they were just a fluke thing and you will get a good one back.
I've always regarded Garmin as among the best. I would love to get me a 250. That seems to be a choice finder in that price range.
Yeah guys, maybe I just got a couple bad ones. Yes they are under warranty. It is just disheartning to only get to fish a couple times a month and your guide lays down on you and won't do anything but go beep,beep. My brother in FL told me not to get them because of this and I didn't listen. Now he gets to say I told you so.
The thing that chaps me the most is Garmin says 7 to 10 day turn around. Humminbird and Lowrance have 2nd day turn around.

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Any of them can go bad. I had a Lowrance 480 Sonar/GPS that went out after about three months, Lowrance wanted me to send it in for repair. I had ordered it from Cabalas, called them they said send it back to them, they would pay all shipping and put me a new one in the mail. I got the new one in a few days.
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