Garmin 160C

Discussion in 'Fishing Electronics Review' started by ae_ted, Dec 31, 2009.

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    Got my first fish finder. mounted on 14' Jon boat with 6hp Johnson. Worked good on my first trip ti Barkley lake. Showed a bit of clutter on high speed(if you call wide open with a 6hp fast). got home and lowered the transducer about 1/8 to 1/2 and went back. all is good now. Will give a report on shallow water performance when Swan Lake opens Mar. 15.
  2. Mickey

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    Ted congrats on the new Garmin depth finder. Also don't break the speed sound barrier.:wink:

  3. ae_ted

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    It will take restraint!!!!!!!!!
  4. mmarcum6

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    Ted I run a 160 c on my center console and after learning to use it and some adjustment I have been very happy with it. I didn't have a choice as it came with the boat, but in the end have been very pleased with the unit. I do question the water temp reading but when your fishing in 30 feet of water the surface temp won't tell you a whole lot anyway. Good luck and hope yours work as well as mine has for me. And besides you can't catch fish moving that fast unless you are fishing salt water. :Nop: