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    Took the little man out today for a while a G lake. It was pretty nice til some guy in a boat started running the length of the lake back and forth at full tilt. I couldnt believe it. It was so bad people were coming out of their houses with air horns trying to get him to stop. When i started fishing the water was clear with about 4-5 foot deep vis and I was killin slab bluegill and small crappie. After he showed up and churned up the whole more fish. What is wrong with people?
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    people just have no manners anymore, it's a real shame.

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    It's supposed to be no wake, isn't it?

    I was fishing out there one day last fall and some guy came careening down the lake in a little jon boat at full tilt. He ran around like that for a few minutes while his buddy backed a flatbed trailer in... I guess they were taking the boat out for the season. The guy made a beeline for the trailer at about 20 mph, ran up on it for a smooth landing... except for the outboard :smile2: They had to have done some serious damage, but they didn't even bother looking at it before driving off.
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    Too bad I wasn't there I could have fired a shot across his bow with my trusty tater gun.That might have got his attention.If not the next one would be headed for his noggin.Of course a cell phone call to the Gardner police might work too_One day I was at the big lake at Pleasonton in my jon boat working a school of 4-8 lb channel cats on the surface. This scmuck in a bass tracker with a 40hp motor comes screaming through the middle of my fish at full throttle.If I had been packing heat I swear I would have cut loose a couple of rounds across his bow. I did have a slingshot with marbles that I keep handy for those pesky geese so when he did it the second time I almost hit his boat with a shooter marble.So the next day I'm back at the same lake and I see this dude bass fishing next to the bank.Only I'm not in the jon boat I'm in my Triton bass boat.So I figured I would see just how big of wake I could leave if I went by 40 yards away at 60mph turnabout is fairplay....He didn't like it too much either.Of course he probably wasn't catching anything anyway.